Art & Flowers

Our kids have been on a pretty big art kick lately. Mostly our medium of choice is colored pencil on paper, but we also frequently use markers (with the occasional delve into watercolor or modeling clay). Some afternoons, I'm finishing up work and Miriam wakes up from her nap early, and coloring is a pretty great way to entertain them while I finish my studies for the day. 

I love this photo of Niko: the flower behind his ear, the pasta sauce around his mouth, the honest look in his eyes. 

Speaking of flowers: Jesse is impressively keeping these lovely Valentine's daisies alive. Mostly it's impressive because I have a black thumb and Jesse is fairly forgetful, so really it's a miracle that they're still alive. But they're not just alive--they're beautiful! And there's this time of day where they catch the afternoon light and they bring me so much joy:

Back to art: 

And because we have been listening to the Moana soundtrack at least once a day (usually during lunch), Niko made this awesome version of the soundtrack cover:


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