Lately, I spend Sunday afternoons with some soft music and my water color set. I'm not great at watercolor, but I do really enjoy it, and I find it exceptionally soothing! 

So, although I know these aren't perfect, I'm going to post them anyways, because I've really enjoyed making them. 

First: I already posted these on facebook/instagram, but these are reproductions of some college humor Puritan Valentines that I thought were HILARIOUS. And they were fun to paint, too! 

Second: Nikolai wanted me to paint him something, so I painted him a quote that he said when he first started talking, and wanted to let us know that he was awake one morning. 

(also, sorry for the photo quality from here on out--my phone does not have a great camera!)

Finally, here's some little Valentine's cards I painted for the kids. They're really small--I've included my finger for scale. It kind of gave me a hand cramp to paint so small but I really liked the end products!  


melissa said…
Those are so cute! You have many skillz. Will you paint us a tiny valentine someday? :)
Loïe said…
They are all beautiful! And the detail on those tiny valentines is exquisite.
Heidi M. said…
Pretty!! Thanks for sharing!

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