The internet in our building is not the best (nor the most consistent), and it seems like every other afternoon I get to see the charming little dinosaur on this frustrating page:

While reading for my Intro to Cataloging class (ok actually it's called "Organization of Knowledge" which is way more intense and cool, but it's essentially a cataloging class), in the section on preferred search terms, I came along this funny snippet (which probably isn't funny to anyone but me):

In case you can't read it, it says:

Non-preferred term USE Preferred term
Asses USE Donkeys

Basically what it's saying is that the preferred search term for this catalog is "Donkeys"(so you should search "Donkeys" instead of "Asses") but for some reason my 12 year old brain kicked in and found this hilarious. And now I have immortalized that moment on my blog forever. 


Loïe said…
Did you know you can play a game with that dinosaur? Just press the up arrow and it will start it! You make the little guy jump over cacti.
Maren said…
That cataloging takes me back to my days working in acquisitions at HBLL. Gosh librarianship is fun. (And who wouldn't giggle at that choice of example??)

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