Out and about in Moldova

I realized recently that I don't post a lot of photos of Our Fair City Chisinau. I really enjoy walking around the city but am usually too busy walking and tending kids and not getting lost (actually not too hard) and not looking like a tourist to take pictures. I'll try and do better about that in the future, but for now here's a tiny sampling. 

The post office/cell phone store (they share a lobby):

The awesome compass out in front of the post office, with distances and ordinal directions for Bagdad, Athens, Bucharest, Paris, Ulan Bator, Beijing and more. 

And my favorite part of walking around the city: the Moldovan version of the "walk now" person, who looks like she's confidently striding across the street: 


melissa said…
yeah, post more! i love those things that say which direction a city is, far far away. they're always fun.
ivrcti said…
Striding confidently or running for his life?? ;-)
Maren said…
Cool compass and walk sign!

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