Wedding Part 1

As I mentioned in my last post, my brother Aaron got married to his fiance Jake last month! 

I made their ring bearer pillow (both because anything with the label "wedding" on it is absurdly expensive, and because Niko was the ring bearer) and it was easy and fun (and cheap!) to make.

Jake's dad used some frequent flyer miles so we could come to the wedding (thanks Don!!). We flew on our first non-stop flight in about a decade, which was THE BEST. 

Miriam missed a couple naps and was That Screaming Baby for awhile on the plane, but eventually she fell asleep and we all breathed a sigh of relief. 

Also, in case you're wondering, buying a dollar store mosaic with 200+ tiny stickers is an awesome way to keep a 4 year old entertained for an hour.

Once there, we got busy seeing all of my family members!

Uncle Aaron is an awesome uncle and spoils Niko with lots of wrestling:

Miriam and Joshua are 7 weeks apart, so they had a blast running around together (and Miriam kept trying to get in the road!):

Adorable little baby footprints:

Aaron and Jake kept things very simple for their wedding so we didn't have to spend hours beforehand getting things ready, which was kind. They also kept their ceremony to a short-but-sweet 10 minutes, which was very thoughtful for those of us trying to wrangle small people!

Though short, the ceremony was lovely and their vows made me cry (thank goodness I tucked a tissue into the waist of my skirt!). It was so lovely to see their love for each other!

After, they had an awesome vegan/vegetarian lunch and us introverts tried to make conversation (always hard) with people we didn't know. 

There was some wedding document signing:

And they had their first dance, which also (obviously) made me cry:

It was such a lovely, sweet event and it was so nice to formally welcome Jake into the family. He is so great for Aaron and we are so happy they're married! 


ivrcti said…
It was wonderful of you to come out. We loved spending those precious few days with you!!!
melissa said…
It was quite lovely to see you, and frequent flier miles are THE BOMB. When Nate's dad traveled a lot he flew us all out to Maine for a vacation--impossible otherwise.

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