May Re-Cap

OHHHH boy guys! It has been a busy few weeks. So much has happened, but I will do my best to recap over the next few posts!

I started my MLIS program a month ago! It's all online, so I can do it all whenever/wherever, but there are weekly assignments due at certain times, which keeps everyone on the same page. My typical week consists of reading lots of articles, doing some of my own research, contributing to online class discussions, and working on occasional projects. I have LOVED doing all of the readings (it turns out I love to think about libraries and intellectual freedom) and working on the projects (we just learned basic HTML!) and I am getting really good at citing things in APA. But MAN does it make me so busy! 

I suppose this is actually because I am working part time, Jesse is studying for the bar, polishing his master's thesis and applying for 2017 jobs, we're getting ready to move and OH YEAH we have two lovely children that need love and attention.

So yeah, I guess it's safe to say that we're both burning the candle at both ends!

Above: folding the laundry while listening to a lecture. 

Something else that happened in May was that my library finished renovations and had its grand opening! 

We've been under renovation basically since I started working there, but the project has been in the works for the better part of 10 years. It's been a long road but we finally got there, and I must say that the new addition looks beautiful!

Also in May, I had my last orchestra concert! I have absolutely loved playing with an orchestra again. It made me remember just how incredible it is to make music with a large, dedicated group of people. I will always remember my time with the orchestra fondly.

Also this month, my brother got married and we flew out to Utah to be there for the wedding, but that will get several posts of it's own!

To end, here's a video of Niko being silly:


julis said…
You are so busy! And such a champ! And Niko -- it's a good thing he practiced his evil laugh. That way, when he needs it, it will be ready. (but I'm a little concerned that he will need it, because , well, "evil" but now I'm thinking too hard, because FOUR YEARS OLD)
ivrcti said…
I am so very proud of you! I love having a librarian in our family!
Maren said…
So fun to see the new library. You guys sure do have a lot going on!
Maren said…
So fun to see the new library. You guys sure do have a lot going on!

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