Miri Dearie

Hi everyone! We're still alive here, just very very sleepy. Jesse is working hard trying to stay on top of schoolwork while also being very sleepy, while my day mostly revolves around planning when I'll nap next and making sure that Nikolai stays more or less fed and happy. 

In the midst of this, we've had a few nice moments as a family that we've tried our hardest to capture on camera.

Nikolai has been incredibly gentle with Miriam, giving her kisses multiple times a day and getting extremely excited when she holds his small hand with her tiny one. 

Miriam is just barely starting to make eye contact, and we've had some sweet moments looking into her lovely little face.

There was a bow on one of the gift bags a friend gave us presents in, and Nikolai thought it would make a good hat for his little sister:

My three favorite people:

Lastly, the sight we see most often of our sleepy Miri:


ivrcti said…
You have such a beautiful family!!! I miss you so!
Maren said…
Yay, you posted! That last picture is so very precious.
Anna said…
So sweet. Omg.

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