Marker Mayhem

A few months ago I went upstairs to take a shower one morning. Nikolai was up eating breakfast, and I had long ago decided that I could trust him to watch some PBS while I ran upstairs to get clean for 15 minutes. 

Well, it so happened that I had left a highlighter out on the table, and Nikolai found it. For some reason, he decided the best thing for him to do would be to scribble all over the wall, before eventually coloring in all of the O's on some of my embroidered wall art:

It turns out that Magic Erasers are only capable of so much magic, and I was unable to get the highlighter off. As charming as it was to have highlighter all over it, I decided to go ahead and stitch something new for the wall:

I liked the old one, but it was fun to stitch something new. Thanks, Niko?


julis said…
I like your embroidery! And I'm impressed with Niko's precision.
Maren said…
Our sons were obviously meant to be friends. I have a very similar post set to publish in a couple days. The other week I went in the shower and came out to find my white BYU diploma holder had met a red Sharpie. I too was unable to get all the magic I needed from the Magic Eraser. I was so mad. A very applicable quote...and you do such awesome embroidery!
Catherine said…
Oh Maren! Not your diploma cover!!!! I can't wait to read your post :D
Doug & Charisse said…
Oh how frustrating!! Way to turn it into an opportunity. I simply love your new one!
Demarae said…
Sigh. They're so cute except when they're not. Your embroidery is always fabulous! I love the knots behind and I want to hug you for your exploration in different typography. Beautiful work.

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