Since it's hard to get outside when I'm watching the little baby, we've been trying to do some interesting inside things (especially when we have friends over for a playdate).  Last week, I decided it was high time to introduce the little boys to science experiments! 

The first day, we squirted vinegar into baking soda (with food coloring!) and saw the awesome bubbles that erupted!

This week, we made goop from a cornstarch and water mixture. We made this a lot growing up because it's so fun to play with. It feels solid when we break off a chunk, but melts into a puddle when you set it back down. 

This wasn't quite as big of a hit as the baking soda and vinegar (how can you compete with fizzy bubbles?!) but it was fun.

Does anyone have any recommendations for fun science experiments to do with toddlers? I had a lot of fun doing these with the boys and would love to do more!


melissa said…
we tried to do an oil/water/food coloring one (it was in the Friend magazine that just came) but it didn't work. i think the colors are supposed to shoot around separately, but we just had brown water with floating oil. haha. i am terrible at these kinds of things.
Kylie said…
I have a whole ridiculous Pinterest board of awesome stuff like this that I almost never take the time to do...good for you!

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