Happy Fall!

Yesterday for 20 minutes we had 3 two-year old boys at our house and to minimize any possible chaos (which, let's admit it, would be primarily coming from Nikolai--he has a lot of energy, especially when friends are over!) I decided to enlist their help in entering our neighborhood's fall door decorating contest!

I traced some leaves on paper and then had them use fall colors to paint the leaves. I really love their creations!

I couldn't resist doing a little amateur painting myself (the colors of the fall leaves were just so intoxicating!):

While I traced the leaves the boys reaaaallly wanted to color, so I let them color with the same fall colored crayons I was using and, later, cut leaves out of the paper they had colored on. 

I think our door turned out pretty nice!

(Real talk: my real motivation in entering the contest is that every participant gets a special treat, and I am ALL about treats!)

Also, this activity definitely kept all 3 boys contained and I think they really enjoyed themselves! Win-win!


Anonymous said…
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melissa said…
fun idea. your door looks much festiver than mine--but no one's surprised about that!

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