Thursday, January 24, 2013

We had a party!

 On Saturday our awesome family members and friends came from near and far celebrate Nikolai's birthday! 
(by the way, a HUGE thank-you to all of you who drove hours and hours to come see us--we were SO glad you were able to make it!!!)

We tried to keep the party simple--minimal decorations and homemade snacks that were basically just an excuse to see our loved ones. 

I baked possibly a million cookies for the party--four different kinds (chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip, mint chocolate and lemon!).  I was going to make a fifth kind but then stepped back and realized just how many cookies I was making...and decided we probably had enough ;)

For decorations we stuck with blowing up tons and tons of balloons, which was pretty fun for everyone. 

FBVZlH on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Thankfully, our birthday boy was in a good mood for his party! 

All of our immediate family came and even some extended family! 

And here's the cake I made for Nikolai--the cake itself was from a box but the frosting is homemade buttercream and the Up! house is made of fondant! 

(don't ask me how long that house took to make! Ok ok, I'll tell you--like 5 hours.  Thank goodness Nikolai takes lots of naps!)

Nikolai got to have his first cupcake (well, to be honest, he's had cake already, but we gave him his own for his birthday!) but was a little confused about it at first. 

So he ate some of the frosting, just to see.

And, well, it turned out he really liked the frosting!

So then he tried some of the cake!

But then he became very concerned that his hand was so messy and wouldn't eat any more cake unless we fed it to him on a fork! What a silly buddy :)

All in all, it was a really fun little party and we were so happy to see so many people we love and care about!

And so I leave you with Nikolai's joy upon seeing the livingroom full of balloons:

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

He's one! He's one!!!

Our sweet little boy is finally one year old! It's funny to think that this time last year I was very VERY tired and kind of out of it from having an epidural and C-section...but SO happy that our little boy had finally arrived!  It's interesting how time has flown.  When I first had Nikolai it felt like it was a battle to get through every day, trying to figure out what Nikolai wanted and attending to his many needs, so every day felt so long!  A good friend told me "The days are long, but the weeks go by fast" which proved to be so true, especially for those first few weeks--but after a few months, I started to get the hang of taking care of our little buddy and he got better at communicating his needs and slowly but surely the days didn't feel so long any more!  Our sweet boy can be a lot of work but he's such a sweet kid and he's so worth it. 

And now, without further ado, some super cute baby pictures my awesome sister Megan took for us! 

(notice the slight Up! theme? You'll see more of it when I post his birthday party pictures tomorrow!)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

If you need a good laugh

then just watch this video of our little giggler.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Albert got married! Or, in which we piled in to a 15 passenger van and drove 1200 miles in 4 days.

We did it! We drove to Sacramento in a 15 passenger van and were there for Albert to get married to Wendy! 

It was quite the drive.  We had pretty terrible weather for the drive there, but there were some pretty sights! 

Some of this,

lots of this,

and unfortunately, also some of this:


We successfully drove through Donner pass in December, and although it was a little bit eerie (and sad),

there were also some really pretty sweeping vistas! 

As for the ride itself, it went about as well as expected! Nikolai was about as good as an almost-one-year-old could be expected to be--not much fussing til the very end, and only one poopy blowout! (We'll never mistakenly feed him Activia yogurt in the car again)

There was a lot of this,

some of this,

and this.

And one occurrence of being semi-nude in his carseat after pooping all over his clothes (before we had the chance to grab a change of clothes):

Nikolai was even a trooper and took his naps in the carseat! 

And then there was the wedding itself!  The sealing was nice--just a small ceremony with family--and then we had some downtime hanging out outside the temple while we geared up for pictures. 

We got Nikolai a little fedora just for the occasion....but he didn't like it much ;)

But luckily, everyone loved Nikolai!  

And then there was some levity--my dad laughing at who know what,

and Jesse goofing off while the photographer geared up for another group shot. 

But after all of that, this is what mattered:

Albert and Wendy were married and we were so pleased to be there! 


Over the break Jesse and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary! The awkward thing about getting married the day after Christmas is that it's a busy time of year and sort of hard to find things to do on your actual anniversary (what can I say, I was a love blind bride!) but so far we've made the best of it!  This year we left Nikolai with his grandparents for an afternoon a few days before our actual anniversary and went snowboarding.  I had never been before so it was quite the adventure! Luckily Jesse is a patient teacher and after MANY falls I figured it out--and by the 5th pass down the slope I barely fell at all! It was so refreshing to just spend some one-on-one time with Jesse (something that doesn't happen that often these days) and it was exciting and fun to try something new :)

Here we are on the ski lift:

And afterwards, sweaty and a little wind burnt but so happy :)

On our actual anniversary we went out to dinner to Eva in SLC and LOVED it! It was full of hipsters (probably due to it's emphasis on small portion sizes and responsibly grown produce) and the food was excellent.  We definitely enjoyed ourselves and want to try and make it back one more time before we make the Big Move! 

Now, on being married for Three Years:

My, how fast it's gone! But the funny thing about being married to Jesse is that it always feels like we've been together longer than we actually have-- at 6 months it felt like a year, at 2 years it felt like 3, and now we're both fairly certain we've been married for at least 5 years! And I mean that in the best way possible--it's just so hard to imagine a life before the one we have now.  Things aren't always perfect--most days there seems to be a never-ending string of bills and chores to be dealt with, and with Nikolai's arrival there is ALWAYS a diaper to change or a mess to clean up--but it's a good life all the same.  It's the quiet moments that make it so great--playing board games after Nikolai goes to bed, dancing around to fun music in the living room, having rousing political discussions together, and, of course, any excuse to bake and eat cookies.  It's funny because now, when I reflect on our life together, I'm not just looking back at our relationship, but also at our family as a whole--this project we've started together of raising children and making a life for ourselves.  Our life now is much different than it was this time last year, but after everything I'm so grateful that Jesse's the man I have by my side as we go forward.  Jesse, thanks for the last three years, and thanks in advance for the next 50! 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

He's 11 months old!

Again, this post is a little late--Nikolai's been 11 months old for almost 2 weeks now! But better late than never! 

Our little buddy hasn't changed much this month.  He's walking MUCH better now (although he still falls down a bit, especially when he's tired!) but that's the only big change.  He has picked up funny little habits, like holding items up to his ear (pretending they're a phone) and talking into them, as well as some VERY definitely preferences for things.  He's gotten a bit lazy about eating non-pureed or spoonable foods (aka only wants to eat yogurt of applesauce sometimes!) and goes back and forth between only eating if he is fed off of a fork and only wanting to feed himself.  It's exciting to see him developing preferences and learning to make his own choices on things :)

And now, proof of how cute my sweet boy is! ;)

Playing with mama's phone:

He sure does love his Pooh Bear!

Get him!

He's not eating Pooh Bear's face--it's a kiss!

We love you Nikolai!