Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

We're spending this Thanksgiving with Jesse's family.  All of his siblings are here, so we're having a real party!  

And in the closet this evening, I found my wedding dress in it's bag--we left it here after our reception oh-so-long ago, because we thought that would be simpler than toting it all over the place when we moved around.  

I opened it up to look at it and was suddenly overwhelmed with happiness. 

We got married! We did it! And I am so, SO happy that Jesse is the man that I married. 

This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for you, sweet husband.  Thanks for having faith that I'd be a good wife for you--and thanks for being the best man I could have ever possibly married.  I'm also thankful for the little boy growing in my belly, and for the family we're creating.  I'm excited to share this life (and the one after!) with you, dear.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A mild obsession

For the past 2 days, I've been obsessed with making colorful little flower ornaments.  I followed this super easy tutorial and became so obsessed with all of the happy colors next to each other that I couldn't stop! 

Look how nice they look in a bucket!

They remind me of these awesome flower bushes we saw in Germany--they had these huge clumps of flowers with all these little petals sticking out every which away. These little ornaments look JUST like them! 

And yes, these are all going on our Christmas tree.  No, they're not really Christmas colors, but they're AWESOME.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hello, awesome!

When we moved out of Wymount we got rid of our old couch (it had been well loved and it was time to lay it to rest) so we've been looking for one to replace it (especially since Jesse has found a job and we're looking at apartments! wahoo!!!).  Yesterday I was on craiglist and saw this AWESOME couch for just $50, and emailed the seller about it--and it turned out she was willing to give it to us for free if we'd just come and pick it up!   

Yes.  FOR FREE.  :D :D :D 

It's extra long and is somewhere around 40 years old, but it's in really good condition so you'd never know it was that old (except for the awesome old style :D) 

I love it.  

And it's already making good friends with Mrs. Yellow Chair. 

Happy day!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Things we do

We play games when Jesse comes home for lunch.
(he's temp-ing at a place close enough to walk home for lunch!)
Most days, we play Yahtzee. 

(Most days I win ;D)

We make Jesse awesome shirts.
(Jesse provides the ideas, I provide the man power)

The Russian on the front translates to "Beauty will save the world."
Good old Dostoevsky. 

We (me) grow ourselves a boy-child. 

Looking at this picture is actually pretty comforting, cause usually I feel like I look much larger than that. 

30 weeks and still goin' strong!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Naming the child

In our hunt for the name of our coming little boy, Jesse and I spent a few minutes before bed each night for the past few weeks reading through "35,000+ baby names: the largest selection of popular and unusual names from around the world." 

While the book certainly had a large selection of popular names, it also had quite the selection of unusual names.  Here's some of the best ones, sorted into categories (and my favorite ones are in bold, so feel free to just go read those if this is too long ;D): 

Sisi-born on Sunday
Jojo -born on Monday
Ebo-born on Tuesday
Fifi -born on Friday
Kizza-born after twins

yep, in Fanti, it is apparently common to only be recognized by what day of the week you were born on, or where you are in the lineup of your siblings. 

English names are pretty funny--most of them are simply practical (ex: Sawyer means "wood worker"...not too surprising) but there are a few that I found particularly humorous:

Algernon-bearded, wearing a mustache (for those of you that have read/seen the Importance of Being Earnest, this one is pretty funny)
Arledge-lake with the hares (random?)
Drake-dragon; owner of the inn with the dragon trademark (so if a guy owns an inn with a dragon trademark, do you just call him Drake?)
Farrow-piglet (hee hee hee :D)
London-fortress of the moon (this one is just awesome)
Tolbert-bright tax collector vs. Toller (English) tax collector (ah, the difference a b and a t make)

The American names are by far the most unusual.  Most of them are Ja+something, like Janeil, or Lashawn, etc. And then, there are ones that could only be American...

Bubba-good old boy.
Lefty-left handed


There's a couple famous ones that have unusual meanings:

Caesar (latin)-long haired
Cicero (latin)-chickpea (say what?)
Elvis (Scandinavian) wise (hm...I'm not sure wisdom typically leads to drug overdoses...)
Kenneth (irish) handsome (get it? Ken? like the doll?)
Plato (greek) broad shouldered 

There's a bunch that are oddly specific about the child's birth:

Bal (Sanskrit)-child born with lots of hair (hahaha)
Gyasi (akan) marvelous baby
Iniko (Ibo)-born during bad times 
Kabiito (rutooro) born while foreigners are visiting (random?)
Kato (runyankore) second of twins
Kifeda  (luo) only boy among girls
Nwake (Nigerian) born on market day
Ogbay (Ethiopian) don’t take him from me
Ottah (Nigerian) thin baby
Mori (madi) born before father finished paying wife’s dowry (this one just seems passive-aggressive...)

And then there's some weird ones!

Cunningham (irish) village of the milk pail (thanks, irishmen.  This one is pretty random)
Brandeis (Czech)-dweller on a burned clearing (similarly random)
Dingbang (Chinese) protector of the country (say it with me: Dingbang.  Yes.  That's what I'll name my first born son)
Koukalaka (Hawaiian) a form of douglas (koukalaka? Douglas? I don't even get the connection with that one)
Kwende (ngoni) let’s go (right now!)
Nangwaya (mwera) don’t mess with me (a name for a tough guy?)
Nkunda (runyankore) loves those who hate him
Rangsey (Cambodian) seven kinds of colors (like a rainbow?)
Rohit (hindi) big and beautiful fish 
Ruhakana (rukiga) argumentative (yep, name your baby "argumentative." cause you can already tell.)

But without comparison, the most unusual names are Moquelumnan- a Penutian language spoken by the Miwok in the great interior valley of California. Check these out:

Hesutu-picking up a yellow jacket’s nest
Kono-squirrel eating a pine nut
Lise-salmon’s head coming out of the water
Leyati-shape of an abalone shell
Lokni-raining through the roof
Metikla-reaching a hand under water to catch a fish
Telutci-bear making dust as it runs
Tiimu-caterpillar coming out of the ground
Tiktu-bird digging up potatoes
Tumu-deer thinking about eating wild onions
Utatci-bear scratching itself
Wilanu-pouring water on flour
Yoskolo-breaking off pinecones
Yotimo-yellow jacket carrying food to its hive

I'm just not sure how you could know a deer was thinking about eating wild onions, or why you would want to name you child that.  

We have a list that's about half this long of names we found that we actually DO like, so we'll be sorting through those soon and hopefully coming up with a suitable name for little boy!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


This is pretty much how my life looks like right now: 

Not pictured: lots of sitting still and feeling little boy kick.