Monday, February 28, 2011

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

I stayed home sick today. Well, minus going to campus to take the in-class midterm that I didn't think it was worth the hassle to make up.  

Sweet Jesse came back home with me after I was done his test because he had a break in between classes and because I was quickly becoming a sick, stressed out mess.  (I really wish I could blame the sickness and hormones on pregnancy.  Then I'd have a suitable excuse! Alas, no such luck.) 

So I sat on the couch with my sweet husband, who looked like this. 

(the face was for the camera, not the reading.  It was Goethe, but it was not that astounding)

And while I watched this I worked on this. 

Sometimes, when I don't feel sick, we make funny faces at each other in the bathroom mirror. Sometimes we photograph it.  But mostly we just keep the awesomeness for ourselves. (count yourself lucky this time!)

Das Ende.  

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just one photo

I should write a longer post to tell you all the things I've been doing lately, but I'm feeling rather lethargic and not very wordy so I think I'll just give you a picture and a quote instead.

Jesse: "I feel the weight of history upon me!"

(The book he is reading is Critical Theory Since Plato)

(In an unrelated tangent: Am I supposed to capitalize all of the words in that title?  In German titles just the first word and all nouns are capitalized, none of this "just important words business" so I get really confused when I have to capitalize titles in English.  And also, for the record, every single time I tried to type "title" in those sentences, I first typed "titel," because German spelling makes so much more sense.)

(Two semi-related shout-outs: Thanks for talking me into taking German 7 years ago Brittany! I have no idea what I'd be doing today if you hadn't. And Aaron: aren't you glad you're going to be taking this fantastic language this year? It's sooooo much easier than Japanese.  And more fun too :D)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love will set your soul on fire

These are my two latest favorite song discoveries.  Thanks, facebook friends! 

And now I must got back to studying for my polisci test.
I think it's nice to have a day dedicated to love, and doing nice things for the one I love. 
I try and do that every day, but it's nice to kind of make it special for a day.

Jesse is awesome.  He made me dinner (lemon chicken, wild rice and salad....mmm :D) and bought me flowers :) Potted ones, that is! That way they won't wilt and die :) 

I made us dessert.  It's an oreo cookie crumb crust with chocolate ganache inside and raspberries on top :)  Sooooo rich, but soooo worth it. 

(in the background are my plant-presents: the left are some flowers, and the right are daffodils! I LOVE DAFFODILS!!!)

After dinner and dessert we watched Up!  It reminded me that that movie really is my favorite movie ever.  In the first 10 minutes, I completely break down sobbing not once, but TWICE.  It is so beautifully shot and the story is so moving. We kept pausing the movie to talk about parts that moved us, and spent probably half and hour afterwards marveling at the story telling power Pixar has and being grateful that they tell stories that leave us thinking more about life and deep things.  

It was an awesome day. 

I love my husband.  

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Everyone eats

We don't always do fun stuff.

Usually I come home from school and don't want to do homework or anything, really.  

But we usually try to cook something decent.

I don't have any photos from anything we did this week (although this week was actually eventful--Jesse's birthday was on Friday, and included a visit to the International Cinema, dinner at a restaurant of Jesse's choice, going to a bookstore to pick out a present, finishing some pieces at Color-Me-Mine, and a secret chocolate cake and icecream prepared in secret by me--not to mention helping Jesse's aunt and uncle move saturday) but I do have photos of the things we ate.  So without further ado:       

Mmmm, Ciabatta bread.  When we were getting to the end of our grocery list, Jesse looked at our total and told me were staying within budget, so I could get some of the awesome looking artisan bread that I drool over every week.  So I got some of this.  And it was DELICIOUS (we got more for this next week too.  yussss) 


Baked Ziti  Rotini 
(The recipe called for Ziti but we couldn't find any that was whole wheat--and with all that cheese in there, we figured we needed SOMETHING healthy to put in it)

This meal cost us a little more than our meals usually cost, but it made so much that we've taken it for lunch all week long and still have some left.  And it is good, even leftover, so it was totally worth it :D

This is gingerbread with pears cooked in butter and cinnamon with vanilla icecream.  Yes, it's as good as it sounds. 

I love breakfast.  I usually just eat a fiber one bar (so that I can get 35% of my daily value of fiber and some nutritional value, rather than none at all) as I walk to school, cause I'm too lazy to wake up early enough to eat sitting down, so I never get to eat anything awesome in the mornings. This is so tragic that we've decided that every few weeks or so, we just have to have it for dinner instead. This was our awesome spread.  There was orange juice too.  Be jealous.  

In other news....yeah.  I am tired of school.  I am tired of finishing all my hw only to realize I forgot some.  And then I just decide not to do it (yay for not going to grad school!), but then it stinks to go to class without having done the assignment.  When people ask how I'm doing, I'm always kinda like ".......uh...........not too bad" cause I'm not doing awful, I just don't feel like I'm doing great.  There are good days and bad days though.  Right now is just kind of a bad day, cause I didn't do homework yesterday and will therefore have to wake up early tomorrow morning to get it done before I go to class, which is notawesome.

I'm having trouble getting to sleep lately.  I think it's the anxiety about having a lot of important things to do this semester--tons of papers, but also applying for graduation, applying to the summer program in Tübingen, finding housing in Tübingen, buying plane tickets, getting a passport and a visa to Russia, figuring out with Jesse what we're doing this fall, probably renting a U-Haul and moving across the I just don't feel tired enough to sleep usually.  But there is an up side!  I have time to read for fun again! And I'm finally making progress on the Chronicles of Narnia series!  I finished Voyage of the Dawn Trader Friday and am halfway through the Silver Chair now.  They're awesome!   They're really good, entertaining stories, but I also really like that they're very allegorical.  It's not too in my face, but the deeper meaning is still there to find.  The silver chair is interesting, because Aslan warns the main girl, Jill, in the beginning, that he is giving her specific instructions, and that she will get distracted and forget the things he told her if she does not try hard to remember them, every morning and every night.  She's good about it for awhile, but then she gets distracted by the promise of worldly comforts and stops trying to remember his guidance.  I haven't read to see where this distraction will lead her yet, but it's hard to not compare Jill to myself at this point.  I've been given counsel from Heavenly Father to live my life by--but do I honestly try to consciously remember Him and His Son morning and night?  I used to be really good at it, but when I'm busy and stressed, don't I go to sleep instead of reading the word of the Lord, or forget to pray earnestly instead of just because I think I'm supposed to?  I tell myself that this stagnation is temporary, that I'll get better at it later when I'm less busy, but the honest truth is that if I don't decide to do it now, to turn my life to God and make that my priority now, when will I?  How will my children know God and that I believe in Him if I don't learn to lean on him now?

These are the things I am thinking about.

Thanks for the wake up call, C.S. Lewis!