A hint of spring and the urge to dig

It is spring today, for today at least.

And we have these sitting on the kitchen table.

Ripe potential, just waiting to be planted.

"Tender and Delicious" proclaims this packet of garden beans. And look how fat it is with dried seeds, calling out softly "Plant me! Plant me! Plant me!" Their voices are sweet and hypnotic, bringing with them the craving for springtime, for things growing, for things bursting out of the earth in cascading showers of green.

"Every color of the rainbow", this one whispers. "If you're lucky, you could have all of these colors sitting in a pot on your windowsill! But you have to plant me first!"
My fingers itch to comply.

Little orange tops peeking out under tufts of green plumage, bringing with them memories of Megan pulling carrots straight out of the garden growing up, eating them dirt and all.

Oh Springtime! Come, I bid thee! Quickly too, to quench the urge to dig and plant, the desire to water and weed!


Loïe said…
Planting seeds just needs to be described with poetry. :) And you can never read too many books!

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