Thursday, July 30, 2009

In a moment wings unfurl, a butterfly, a little girl

Lately, I am learning. Not so much classes and stuff, cause I'm not taking any right now (although I am trying to use this time not taking classes to get better at Japanese and German!), but I've been realizing almost daily something new that I should be doing or that I could do better, or something different I want to do to be the person I really want to be. There are so many, almost, I can't keep track of them all! I might put them on here....we'll see.

In the meantime, I cleaned my room! Lauren rearranged it last weekend while Jesse and I were in Idaho (ps. we went to idaho again! for his brother's missionary farewell! It was awesome. I love Idaho :D) and so when I came home there were a lot of things that Lauren didn't know what to do with, so I pretty much reorganized all my s1uff. It was awesome!

This was my desk, midway through cleaning it off:

This is actually a lot cleaner than it was...but at this point I thought it looked kind of cool so I had to take a picture. And you can see my crazily growing plants in the background! And my dinosaur bank. And some flower petals. And some cds. And the huge calendar that I should use to organize my life more!

Anyways. That's all I really have to say.

Cept oh! I'm a trainer at Jamba now. And I kind of like it! And I've discovered that work goes a million times better when I've gone to yoga that morning. Seriously.

ooooooook. That's everything. Just wanted to update. A bit. Ok.

peace, love, learning,

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hold on, one more time with feeling

Tonight, Megan called me from EFY. It's spiritual day there, and Megan was really happy. Then Aaron called her (he's at EFY too!!) and she put us on a conference call! I got to talk to both of them, and Aaron sounded so old and they're both so old and they were so happy and had had such a spiritual and awesome day, and it was so happy to just talk to them!!! I almost texted Albert to call Megan so we could all 4 talk, but Aaron couldnt talk for long so I didn't. But it made me really excited for when I go home in 3 weeks, cause we're all going to be together again!!!!

peace, love, family,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blue lips, blue veins, blue, the color of our planet from far far away.

Ahhhhhhhh life! Life has been awesome and busy busy lately. Hence the not writing!!!

Let me start at the beginning....nevermind, is too long. Let me sum up ;D


Jesse and I went to Yellowstone :) Er, correction, we went to Rexburg (and I met his momma!!! I've met the rest of his family, cept his sister, and she wasnt there) and then we (and albert!) all went to Yellowstone.


It was green and alive a beautiful :D

Shoot. I done forgot what else I was going to write about doing. Hm....

We went out to the sand dunes while we were up there, and I didn't bring my camera so I have no proof, but we stood on top of one and we could see for MILES!!!!! There was nothing but horizon on all sides. And it was then that it happened, the thing I had been fighting for the past two years.

I fell in love with the west. Yes, it finally happened. Well, Idaho, at least. The rolling dunes, the sagebrush steppe, the lava flows, the way that there is so little moisture in that dry place but that plants find ways to conserve water and grow up any place they can....*Sigh.* It was beautiful.

And then we came home!

On saturday, we went had lunch with JesseMama (I'm not really sure what to call her) and then went to Salt Lake to explore! We saw lots of cool churches. These flowers were in front of this Catholic Cathedral.


This was the doorway!
Look how cool!
I like sculptures!

Then Jesse took pictures of me. This is the best one :D

That's the aforementioned purchased at DI dress. I love it :D (and megan, those are some of the bracelets from you I'm wearing!)

We also went to the city library! Holy huge library batman!!! It was really cool. Then then then mall! I found sweet new flats at Forever21, that I've been wanting for a long time. Then then then watching the Joseph Smith movie at temple square! Really good!!!!!!!

So yes. Those are the adventures I've been having lately. Good good good ones. With Jesse :)


My birthday! Was on Monday! And Jesse! brought me flowers!!!

White roses!!!

I really really really love flowers :D And I got Regina Spektor's new cd, Far, from megan, with some bracelets and earrings! Jesse, as it turned out, had ALSO got me that cd, just an hour earlier (they are both so clever!!!) so we went back to Best Buy (after dinner at Cafe Rio) and exchanged it for an Iron and Wine cd :D And then we went to Walmart, and bought plants. We do not, however, have a yard to plant said plants in, so, the next night, under cover of darkness, we snuck about to some random locations that are not ours and PLANTED THEM!!!!! According to Jesse, this is plant terrorism. It was awesome awesome awesome :D :D :D :D :D :D :D He is a clever clever clever boy :)

BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! I'm not even kidding. It was seriously amazing.

Aaaaand. Now. It is sleeping time. I will write other things later, for I have other smaller things to write about, but that is the update and it will do for now!!!

peace, love, love love love,