Guys, it has been SUCH A WEEK. I woke up to the election results on Wednesday completely dumbfounded by what America had done in my absence (REALLY? Donald Trump is going to be president??) and spent the next few days in complete denial. This was only compounded by the fact that the kids have been sick (more accurately we've all been sick, but in different degrees of severity). Nikolai missed preschool all week, meaning my schoolwork was disrupted (luckily, this was a slow week) and neither kid left the house for a week. 

Needless to say, we're all going a little crazy. 

The kids have only been a little lower-energy, with how sick they feel/act coming and going (though not going enough for us to call them "better"). 

During a burst of energy the other day, Nikolai knocked over this chair and both kids proceeded to climb all over it:

I was actually completely astounded at how flexible Miriam was. She's basically doing a split here!!!

Also, a few Miriam tangents: 

1) I'm sorry all of my photos of Miriam are terrible (ok, actually all of my photos are terrible but that's because the cheapo smartphone I bought has a terrible camera and it doesn't cope well with the poor lighting in our apartment). But also, she's also just in that blurry stage of life where she never stops moving and is impossible to get a good picture of. I suppose in a few months she'll slow down a bit (Niko did, at least) and maybe I'll start to get half decent photos of her again, but until then she'll continue to be the Incredible Blur. 

2) Miriam talks A TON. Like, she says probably 200 words (we listed at least 150 and she's learned more since then) and can say basically anything she needs. This is completely nuts to us, because she's only 21 months old and at 21 months Nikolai said maybe 30 words tops. But she still surprises us a lot by popping out a word we didn't know she knew. For instance, the other day I was watching the Daily Show with headphones on while I made dinner, and she came up and was looking at the screen for a few minutes. After a bit they put a picture of Donald Trump on the screen, and without hearing the audio and with no prompting whatsoever, she pointed at the picture and said, "Tump!"


Yes, really, I was mortified. 

Ok, back to the kids being sick (because that topic is still preferable to the election). Jesse has made several trips to the Pharmacy to get medicine (because the idea of me trying to communicate with a pharmacist is a joke) and brought back some medicine the doctor recommended. But alas! It was in Romanian!

So I got to pull up google translate to try and figure out how to properly medicate my child ;) 

(Yes this photo is blurry and terrible, but it is actually a pretty fitting visual for how I've felt this week). 


melissa said…
Just wait till Miri pops out with something like "progenitors" in a sentence. And then you'll think, wait...I don't think I've ever used progenitors in a sentence...huh. Kids these days.

Don't worry, I was in complete shock last Wednesday too. Like totally flabbergasted. Still am.
Maren said…
Ugh we are doing the sick thing here too. I want to leave the house again! And that is unbelievable how much Miriam talks. That is amazing! E has yet to say a single word. Gosh I wish I could meet her, she sounds like such a cool little person. And the election... There are no words.

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