Snow day

Over the weekend we got a massive 15 inches of snow in just over 24 hours! I've been a lazy mom this winter (also, we haven't gotten that much snow!) and we hadn't been out to play in snow at all this winter, so when this snowstorm hit we just had to go out and play in it! 

Unfortunately for Niko, the snow was a little deep for his short legs (mine too!).

We made the best of it though!

To try and show you how deep the snow was: see the drifts behind the cars?

It was pretty cold out, but luckily I have a built-in heater growing in my belly so I stayed pretty warm :D

Not long after we went out, we came across these little bulldozers clearing the snow off the sidewalks. 

We were only out for about half an hour before poor Niko's fingers got cold and he asked if we could go inside. But we made some snow angels before we were done!

Funny story: I fell backwards into the snow to make this snow angel, and fell through a good 8-10 inches of powder before stopping! It was so deep that I could barely wave my arms and legs to make the snow angel, and then it was hilariously hard getting my giant pregnant body back out of the snow :D

The view from our back window, just to show you again how deep this was:

Also, we wake up to this gorgeous frozen winter landscape every morning and I love it!

Awhile after we came in, Nikolai wanted to dig in the snow some more so we sent him out into the backyard to play. (Don't worry, we put gloves on him later!)

Needless to say, he really enjoyed himself :)

We snow day-ed it up right later with grilled cheese and tomato soup, and then tried our hands making snow cream:

It wasn't my favorite (we just used sugar and milk with snow instead of sweetened condensed milk, because we didn't have any) but Niko sure liked it :)

Happy snow day!


Maren said…
That is a lot of snow!

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