Saturday, December 22, 2012

Friday, December 21, 2012

Nikolai the silly

The awesome thing about watching Nikolai grow is seeing him develop his own (tiny) personality.  He really is a very small little person, with the exception being that he doesn't know how things are typically done and therefore does some very odd and silly things.  

The first silly thing was actually not in relation to anything Nikolai did--but I happened to notice one afternoon that he and his papa were matching (in reverse)!

But the next thing is very much a Nikolai silly.  One day last week when Nikolai woke up from his nap I was in the middle of finishing some project or other so I let him fuss for a few minutes while I finished before I went and got him.  When I did get him, he was sobbing gigantic tears and had pulled his arm out of his sleeve, as seen below: 

He was so upset he wailed and gnashed his teeth and rent his clothing! 

And then there was the day he yanked open his sippy cup at dinner (thankfully it was only water) and then proceeded to suck on the lid, as though he'd get something out of it! 

But our favorite Nikolai silly-ism is when he hangs out in his Johnny-jump up.  Now that he can walk it's not very exciting to stand in, but it IS exciting to spin around in! 

So here he is, wiiiiiiiding up (around and around and around and around):

And then....release! 

We think he's very clever for figuring out how to spin around and also that he's very silly for doing it! 

He's our sweet little guy and we sure do like being his parents! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I make/remake stuff

This week's "I make stuff" is actually me attempting to remake something...namely, some pairs of flats! A few months ago a found a tutorial (*link*) to recover flats with your choice of fabric.  In the tutorial she buys some cheap plain flats and does it to make them cute, but I used it to recover some flats that were worn and much in need of a little face lift! (Also, she used regular mid podge but I followed the suggestion of using outdoor mod podge so it would be waterproof--and it worked really well for me!) 

So here's the before pictures: 

Doesn't look too bad on first glance, but then you zoom in: 

and you see how dirty and frayed they've gotten! 

This pair also doesn't look too bad: 

But despite how much I liked their black glittery-ness, they had just gotten too worn :(

And finally, my favorite pair of shoes, my so called "grown up lady shoes", were so well-loved that they peeled and became no longer so classy and cute.  

So then I recovered them with fabric! 

I really liked having a pair of plain black flats, so I recovered the black flats with some black cotton fabric I had in my stash: 

And guess what--they don't look any different! Except they aren't worn anymore :)

I really like that the outdoor mod podge makes it hard and adds a little bit of sparkle to it, which reminds me of how they were glittery before! 

The flowered flats got covered in some random blue fabric from my stash: 

(please kindly ignore the stains on the toes--I've actually did these first and have been wearing them for a few weeks now, so they've gotten a little dirty...)

I liked the purple color of my grown up lady shoes so much that I bought a fat quarter of cotton fabric in a similar shade a recovered them! 

And there they all are, lined up, afterwards! 

I'm really pleased with how they turned out--and especially pleased that I was able to renew some beloved shoes for about $7--much cheaper than buying new ones! Hooray! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christkindlmarkt SLC

A few weekends ago we decided to take a little trip down to the This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake for their first annual Christkindlmarkt--a traditional outdoor German Christmas market.  

Most of the booths were handmade-ish sort of crafts from local sellers aka. not authentic German booths...but the spirit of having local craftsmen was the same. But there were a few German booths, like the awesome clock seller, as well as the booth for a local German bakery--where we bought this AWESOME bread!  

I'm not exactly sure what it is, but it's amazing--full of nuts, raisins and honey and covered with powdered sugar....mmmmm. I need to figure out how to make this! 

The booth owner was really nice too--she was smitten with Nikolai and gave him this little santa sucker.

And then when we bought the bread, she went to put it in a sack and then started piling all this other stuff in there too (for free)! 

There's German cough drops, raspberry candies, and a fresh blueberry scone.  Mmmmm! We will definitely be making a visit to the bakery's physical location sometime soon :)

In addition to the booths, they also had live music.  While we were there they had Salt Lake's local German choir, as well as some Alpenhorns! It was really neat and added nicely to the festive German atmosphere. 

And lastly, a terrible DIY family photo from the occasion, because that's how we roll:

All in all, it was a really fun afternoon, and if we were going to be here next year we'd definitely go again! So since we can't go, those of you that live in the area should go for us, ok? Thanks! ;)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Did you hear the news?

Jesse got into the University of Michigan Law school! 
(Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan)

(AHHHHHH!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! EXCITED!!!!! EXCITED!!!!!!!!!)

 He applied early decision a few weeks ago and the notification deadline isn't until December 15th so we weren't expecting to hear back for awhile (for those of you that don't know, applying early decision is where you apply early to just one school and they tell you sooner than they would have otherwise if you're in or not--the idea being that they know you're more serious about going to that school and are theoretically more likely to accept you). I felt really good about Jesse applying there but while his scores were really good, he was very concerned that they were a little on the low side for what UM usually accepted--so he didn't feel confident that it would pan out as we hoped.  But we went for it because we felt like it was the best choice for us--it's a GREAT school (#10 in the nation for law schools!) with a great law program, it's the closest to both our families of all the schools we were looking at, and they also offer a dual degree in Russian studies--something we both feel really strongly about doing (even though we don't know exactly why yet).  

So last Sunday, when I was randomly checking the online status checker and saw the screen below, I almost had a heart attack from excitement and relief!

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry so I showed Jesse and we freaked out together.

There was a lot of dancing around the living room and twirling around and joy that morning! 

The next day, we got the formal letter in the mail.  Note my favorite part of the letter:

(they underlined "very"! It's sort of silly but it just makes me SO proud of Jesse!!!)

Needless to say, we aren't going to be applying to any other schools.  This is the best possible way we could have ever hoped for this to work out and we feel so blessed.  We're so grateful for this opportunity and excited for a new adventure--a new town, a new school, and a new part of the country where neither of us have ever lived before! 

And lastly, my other favorite part of the acceptance letter--this little note added at the end:

Ann Arbor, our little family will be joining you in May and we just can't wait!