Sunday, September 13, 2009

My beloved monster and me, we go everywhere together

Hello. These are wild onions. And these are also what my fingers smell like, despite the fact that I have not touched any since childhood.

Let me explain.

Jesse and I made curry tonight! And for said curry, I chopped two cloves of garlic. Mmmmmm. But the garlic didn't make my fingers smell garlic-y. No, Instead, they smell like wild onions (or wild onions smell like garlic?), which grew in our yard all the time growing up and we'd go pick them a) so they wouldn't be there anymore and b) cause oftentimes we were playing some make believe game in which we were making a stew that needed onions. So my fingers smelling like them reminds me of my childhood....I keep smelling them every now and then, just to see if they still have that kind of acrid smell to them still.....yep, they still do. And it still smells like my backyard.

peace, love, nostalgia is an odd thing,

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

They don't love you like I love you

Jesse and I have been adventuring a lot lately. By adventuring, I mean many things.

First and foremost: OH MY GOODNESS WE HAVE BEEN BAKING. AND COOKING. A month or so ago I bought a new cookbook at a sidewalk sale the bookstore was having, and we've set a goal to make a new recipe every week. So we've kind of gotten on a kick of making lots of new stuff for dinner and I've gotten really excited about making new desserts and stuff. Among the list of the things we've made have been mexican chicken in the microwave, apple cinnamon oatmeal no bake cookies, crazy sandwiches with German rye bread, a breakfast quiche kind of thing, baked potato wedges, fruit salad, apple cinnamon parfait, an interesting rice and beans, and banana cupcakes.

Photographic evidence! Ready, set, GO!

German Rye from the farmer's market! So good!!! Look how big that is! (The fork is for comparison :D)

Fresh blackberries! (This was after we had eaten most of them)

Fruit Salad!!!
With whipped cream!
So we were hungry, and decided we'd bake some chicken...and Jesse suggested we have some rice with it, but we didn't know what to put on it, so we rummaged through this box of canned foods that one of Jesse's old roommates left behind when he moved out, and found diced cooked tomatoes with peppers or something in them, and black beans. Jackpot! So Jesse got all smart and stewed those together and we baked the chicken with some sort of chickeny spicey seasoning and then threw it all together. SO GOOD! Best thrown together meal ever :)
I tried to take a picture of Jesse with it, but he gets really self conscious when being photographed and got silly instead. He's sweet :)
This is the flour mixture from the banana cupcakes. I was mixing it with a fork and these cool patterns formed where the flour stuck to the bowl! So cool!
The moral of this picture is that Jesse is sweet and silly :) But mostly sweet :)

So those are adventures numbers one through 74.


So one day a few weeks ago I was in some craft store and saw something awesome and kind of silly I thought Jesse and I should make.....this was the product....

Jesse really likes dinosaurs :D

First they killed the peacock.

Then Jeff wandered by and they killed him too!!!

Anyways, that's that :)

Last but certainly not least, this weekend Jesse and I drove up to Rexburg to see his momma and papa and sister and brother in law. We got there pretty late Friday and woke up early Saturday morning to go hiking!!!! We hiked this canyon (shoot I forgot the name...and there is no photographic evidence, sorry...) in Darlington Idaho, and it was wunderschön! We drove down a bumpy dirt/gravel road to get there (and got to ride in the back of the truck! Whoo!) and hiked up and down some hills and pretty valleys til the trail kind of ended after some pretty hills. It was all very rugged and wild and beautiful :) Jesse and I danced some cha cha moves I've been learning in my dance class on one of the hills, in our tennis shoes, all over rocks. It was pretty epic :)

And then we watched the BYU vs OU game! I don't usually (read: ever) like watching sports, but Jesse and his family get really into it and it WAS BYU playing sooo we watched it....and it was awesome!!!! For one, it was a really good game, but it was also really fun to watch it with Jesse and his family :) His parents get pretty into it (even his dad, who is generally really chill and doesnt get excited) but Jesse, man :) He gets all crazy and yells really loud and jumps up on the edge of the couch and stuff :) But most of the time I didn't even notice, cause I was yelling and jumping up too! That kind of enthusiasm is catching, I swear.'s just back to the grindstone this week. It's the second week of classes and I'm striving to set good homework habits and such now, so that later when I want to slack a little bit, I'll have already had good habits and won't slide too far....that's the idea at least. The one kicker about classes starting is that Jesse and I have very different schedules so we don't get to spend much time together, and when we do, we're usually doing hw. It's fine, just...yeah. I got kinda spoiled this summer, getting to see him all the time and not having practically anything else we needed to do....

Speaking of the devil, homework beckons menacingly. Ok, so it's not really the devil or menacing cause it's German hw and I actually like it, but all the same, I must go!

peace, love, adventures,