I live inside my head. You know this.

(I am obsessed with this song. Melissa's blog is to blame)

Some letters to the world, inanimate objects, and others:

Dear Brain,

Why must you make me so OCD? MY Isaiah paper remains under researched and un-outlined and here I sit, feeling the need to do anything but those things. It is due on thursday and I only have so much free time between now and then. If you would cease and desist with the distractedness and work a little harder on being good at focusing, that would be appreciated.

the rest of you

To the Daily Universe,

Please, do not call yourself a "news organization" claiming to print "real, newsworthy news on important issues and events" on the same day that you consume the entire front page with an article about dear john letters. In your own words, "If there's not a "so what" to the story, why would anyone want to care about it?" If you're going to call yourselves a news organization, print real news. Or don't, and continue to print whatever you want. However, the current hypocrisy will not be tolerated.

I only use you for the police beat and the sudoku,
a lover of truth

Dear November,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have never really cared for you (in Utah at least) as you generally just bring me cold fingers and cold ears and a cold nose and cold toes and the desire to stay inside with soup and hot chocolate and a book and to skip work and school entirely. However lately you have been mild and warm, easing me into this whole 'winter' thing that I disagree with so much. It's nice to compromise, isn't it?

the girl who wishes for spring all year long and only grudgingly accepts any other season...


WoozleMom said…
I am with you on all of these. Except for the actual assignment. I don't have an Isaiah paper, but I have lots of other stuff I should be working on...
My favorite was the letter to the Daily Universe. I'm kind of sad I missed that article, I bet it was hilarious and utterly without a point. I would have probably laughed. Hard.
Catherine said…
Oh man. I still have it if you want to read it. It was absurd!

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