Sunday, March 31, 2013


Jesse and I both feel really lucky that we both really love our families-in-law.  Last sunday, we headed up to Logan to see everyone in one place (maybe before the last time before we move :( :( :( ) and it was awesome! 

Proof that we went--our Sunday walk with almost everyone in tow!

We love you guys SO much!!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beyonders launch party

There's something you might not know about us.  

...We really like reading.  

We don't do it very often (babies and jobs make it sorta hard) but we're big fans.  And we especially love it when we find a book (or series) fun enough to read aloud to each other.  This awesome method of entertaining ourselves has gotten us back and forth across the country several times, as well as merely given us enjoyment on a quiet weekday evening.  

One of our favorite authors to read is Brandon Mull.  We started out with his Fablehaven series on a recommendation from some friends (thanks, Landon and Kylie!!) and moved on to the next series he wrote soon after.  So when we found out he was having a launch party for the third and final book in his Beyonders series, we decided we had to go! 

(in case you're wondering, we're only capable of getting a good picture of half the family at any given time)

Brandon Mull is technically a children's author (although we feel his books can be enjoyed by all audiences) so the place was PACKED with hundreds of grade- and middle-school aged kids.  They had this awesome screen up with a countdown for the show and then switched it to this when the time was up! 

The kids cheered so loud it was kind of deafening...but also cool. 

They had a fun sketch with a bunch of other authors (Michael Vey, Christoper Paolini, Brandon Sanderson, etc) and ended by singing a song about being an author to the tune of the dwarves' song from the Hobbit--and that was when we became certain we were in excellent nerdy company :)

They had a fun show with some Divine Comedy alums and then geared up for the book signing.  We had brought our book anticipating getting it signed there...until we showed up and realized how many people were there! We looked at our place in line and calculated how long it would take to get ours signed if each person only took 2 minutes...and we were going to be in line for 3 hours! It was already 8 pm (Niko's bedtime) and our sweet boy was being pretty amiable still, but also looking preeetty tired:

so we decided we'll just catch him the next time he's in town instead! So in lieu of getting our book signed I just took this creeper shot of Brandon Mull signing books instead:

Anyways, even if we didn't get our book signed that night, it was still a very fun excursion and we look forward to meeting Brandon Mull soon so we can tell him how awesome his books are! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dirty bum

I make him pants and what's the first thing he does? Sits in some dirt. Like mother like son, I guess?

Saturday, March 16, 2013


A few weeks ago we got together with our awesome friends Taleea and Nathan and had a Chopped night!  It was based on the Food Network show Chopped where chefs get a basket of mystery ingredients and a set amount of time to use them all in a meal, while trying to make the meal as beautiful and flavorful as possible.  We made our night a little easier (since we're not chefs!) and we had 4 ingredients and a whole hour to come up with our dish. 

For Taleea and Nathan to use, we picked sweet potato, carrots, ginger, and orange wedge candy. For us, they picked taco shells, broccolini, coconut milk and spam! 

There was a bit of frenzy as we each discovered our materials and tried to figure out what we could make with them--but we settled in quickly and had a really fun time! 

Taleea and Nathan were working so hard they came out blurry!

And the final product.......ta da!

We made a broccoli curry with green bell peppers, broccolini, potatoes and coconut sauce with a taco shell crumble on top... 

and Taleea and Nathan made a stir fry with chicken, green beans, carrots and sweet potato with a ginger and orange candy dipping sauce! 

Aaron and Aerielle were our gracious judges! 

 After tasting both dishes, they judged us on taste, presentation and use of the ingredients, and decided that Taleea and Nathan won!  After tasting their meal, I definitely agreed with them.  But I was really proud of how our curry turned out too :) 

We had such a fun time and we look forward to hanging out with them again! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

We do a lot of this lately

Sorry for the absence (if anyone still reads this!)--we've had some computer complications lately that have prevented me from updating! Suffice it to say, we've had a pretty calm month.  The next few posts will be catching up from the few things we did do, and then hopefully I'll get back in the habit of posting more regularly :)

The big thing for Nikolai and I the last few months has been going for walks outside! Even before the snow melted, Nikolai had been starting to go stir crazy staying inside all day so we'd go outside and walk up and down the sidewalk a few times until he got tired and we'd go inside.  Now that it's getting warmer out we can play in the grass more, and I'm really looking forward to being able to take Nikolai to the park! 

These pictures are from a few days ago when the snow was melting and had turned our parking lot into a small lake.  Nikolai is truly his mother's son and LOOOOVED the puddles, so I took a few pictures to remember how much he liked it :)

Not pictured: when Niko decided to sit down in the puddle and got his bum all muddy....twice! Let's just say he definitely got a bath after that :)