Thursday, June 9, 2016

Other goings on

In the effort to catch up on the rest of May, here's some other goings on:

Nikolai hugged Miriam and wanted me to take a picture. By the time I got my camera out, she was trying to get loose and this is what I got:

Our membership to the beloved Hands on Museum expired at the end of May, so we went one last time. Like all of our lasts, it made me sad and happy at the same time.

I planned a fun Science themed story time a few weeks back, and for the craft we did a simple vinegar and baking soda experiment. It turned out great (and not too messy!). It's times like these that I'm really sad to only be doing story time for a few more weeks. I really love it!!!

Also at work, we're all plowing straight into Summer Reading Club preparations. I'm not doing too much for it (I think they didn't want to overburden me, since we're moving soon) but one co-worker and I spent 5 hours in the last two weeks transforming two old cork boards into two Wild West themed jail cells to (to use for photos for kids). They were fun to make and it was even more fun to say "I got paid to paint a cork board to look like a jail cell today!" 

Finally, we had book club last week and to balance out reading George Orwell's very heavy 1984, we met at a local ice cream place to discuss it. Book club has been one of my very favorite things about living here and it was fun to get together with everyone and eat delectable ice cream. 

Alright, I think that's it! I have high hopes of blogging again soon but realistically, that might not happen. So I will blog as soon as I can!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Go go outside

 We've had a whirlwind 2 weeks since the wedding! We've been on an endless cycle of working and studying that won't end until my semester is done and Jesse takes the bar and we move. Oof!

In the downtime we do have, the kids have been running amuck outside. And by amuck, I mean A MUCK.

I say this because Miriam has discoverd mud, and we have discovered that she will get a lot of baths this summer:

Nikolai is less prone to muck, though he does enjoy being outside.


Many of the days recently have been in the upper 80s (well hello, early summer!) so we've spent some time using the kiddie pool. Both kids are big fans.

Also, in the photo above I noticed that the angle of Niko's head and the light cast lots of shadows around his face, so I asked him to tilt his head up. The bottom photo is the result. 

Since the weather has been so nice, we've been taking bike rides around town. It has been delightful!

I pass by this wetland every day on my way to and fro places and it is lovely at every time of the year. I wish I had more pictures of it at other times, but here's this one:

On another of our bike rides, we decided to bike to Little Caesar's to get some cheap dinner and then biked to a nearby park to eat it. It was basically perfect weather and it only took a little bit of tape on the box to keep the kids from eating it until we got there (that, and the park was VERY close by). And on the way home, we stopped at the store and grabbed some doughnuts to celebrate National Doughnut Day.

We hope to take many more such bike rides this summer!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Wedding part 2

The rest of our stay in Utah was consumed with spending as much time as possible with our loved ones. 

Nikolai insisted upon going on a hike up the mountain with Grandpa. My dad is thankfully always game for things like that, so he obliged. 

I always sort of forget how pretty I find sagebrush: 

We decided that 4 years old is just about the perfect age for a short hike. He's old enough to observe and engage with some of the things he sees around him, and it's fun to take time to stop and point things out to him that we wouldn't normally stop to notice otherwise. 

Like sego lilies! (Though I lived in Utah for 7 years, this was my first sighting!)

And muddy puddles, perfect for rock throwing:

As for the rest of our time, Miriam and Joshua were thick as thieves:

And Nikolai got recruited to play with a gang of neighborhood girls that were more or less his age. He had a blast playing with them for hours and he and another girl even decided that they are going to get married when they get older (fun fact: Niko told me that their wedding cake will have both their favorite colors on it, along with butterflies). I was so glad he had some friends to play with while we were there!

We also took the train down to salt lake, which is always a good time.

It was a bit too cold for it, but we went to the city creek mall and let the babies play in the splash pad anyways.

Jesse's sister Melissa was nice enough to drive down to see us one afternoon. It was so awesome to see her, and to see her awesome kids, including brand new baby Magnolia! Obviously I don't have a picture of Melissa, because I forgot to ask, but here's one of the small people:

Albert also came up a few times to visit, and then whomped me, Megan and Mom at a rousing game of Spite and Malice (our family's traditional card game). I was so glad to see him!

And then we did laundry and packed and said our goodbyes and cried (ok, maybe that was just me...) and went home to Michigan!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Wedding Part 1

As I mentioned in my last post, my brother Aaron got married to his fiance Jake last month! 

I made their ring bearer pillow (both because anything with the label "wedding" on it is absurdly expensive, and because Niko was the ring bearer) and it was easy and fun (and cheap!) to make.

Jake's dad used some frequent flyer miles so we could come to the wedding (thanks Don!!). We flew on our first non-stop flight in about a decade, which was THE BEST. 

Miriam missed a couple naps and was That Screaming Baby for awhile on the plane, but eventually she fell asleep and we all breathed a sigh of relief. 

Also, in case you're wondering, buying a dollar store mosaic with 200+ tiny stickers is an awesome way to keep a 4 year old entertained for an hour.

Once there, we got busy seeing all of my family members!

Uncle Aaron is an awesome uncle and spoils Niko with lots of wrestling:

Miriam and Joshua are 7 weeks apart, so they had a blast running around together (and Miriam kept trying to get in the road!):

Adorable little baby footprints:

Aaron and Jake kept things very simple for their wedding so we didn't have to spend hours beforehand getting things ready, which was kind. They also kept their ceremony to a short-but-sweet 10 minutes, which was very thoughtful for those of us trying to wrangle small people!

Though short, the ceremony was lovely and their vows made me cry (thank goodness I tucked a tissue into the waist of my skirt!). It was so lovely to see their love for each other!

After, they had an awesome vegan/vegetarian lunch and us introverts tried to make conversation (always hard) with people we didn't know. 

There was some wedding document signing:

And they had their first dance, which also (obviously) made me cry:

It was such a lovely, sweet event and it was so nice to formally welcome Jake into the family. He is so great for Aaron and we are so happy they're married! 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

May Re-Cap

OHHHH boy guys! It has been a busy few weeks. So much has happened, but I will do my best to recap over the next few posts!

I started my MLIS program a month ago! It's all online, so I can do it all whenever/wherever, but there are weekly assignments due at certain times, which keeps everyone on the same page. My typical week consists of reading lots of articles, doing some of my own research, contributing to online class discussions, and working on occasional projects. I have LOVED doing all of the readings (it turns out I love to think about libraries and intellectual freedom) and working on the projects (we just learned basic HTML!) and I am getting really good at citing things in APA. But MAN does it make me so busy! 

I suppose this is actually because I am working part time, Jesse is studying for the bar, polishing his master's thesis and applying for 2017 jobs, we're getting ready to move and OH YEAH we have two lovely children that need love and attention.

So yeah, I guess it's safe to say that we're both burning the candle at both ends!

Above: folding the laundry while listening to a lecture. 

Something else that happened in May was that my library finished renovations and had its grand opening! 

We've been under renovation basically since I started working there, but the project has been in the works for the better part of 10 years. It's been a long road but we finally got there, and I must say that the new addition looks beautiful!

Also in May, I had my last orchestra concert! I have absolutely loved playing with an orchestra again. It made me remember just how incredible it is to make music with a large, dedicated group of people. I will always remember my time with the orchestra fondly.

Also this month, my brother got married and we flew out to Utah to be there for the wedding, but that will get several posts of it's own!

To end, here's a video of Niko being silly: