Monday, October 29, 2012

Creativity is the residue of time wasted

I make a lot of things.  Some of it I use to decorate my house, some I sell on etsy, and some I make and then stick in the closet because I've run out of space for them in my apartment...

but when I heard that our local used bookstore was having an altered book contest, I decided I just had to do it anyways! 

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do but after some debate, I decided to watercolor some of the pages and cut them into circles to make into flowers.  I straightened out paperclips, cut them to different lengths, and hot glued the circles on to them to ends to make sort of abstract flowers.  I poked shallow holes in the book with my exacto knife and then hot glued each flower in...and then did that 100 more times...and then presto!  I made something I was proud of! 

(please pardon my gratuitous detail shots, I really couldn't help myself!) 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Babyproofing and a soft soft chair

As most of you know, in this household we really like books.  Babies + easily torn pages don't mix very well though, so we've mostly had our bookcases barricaded off so Nikolai couldn't get to them.  Also, we were pretty worried he'd crawl over to them and try to pull them over, so we reaaaallly wanted to make sure he couldn't hurt himself on them either.  So on Saturday, we took alllllll the books off the shelves so we could bolt the bookshelves to the walls and then put the books back on, leaving the bottom shelves bare and therefore safe for Nikolai to play around. 

This is all our books, piled on the dining room table.  SO MANY BOOKS!  We might have an addiction... ;D

After we reorganized the shelves, we noticed that Nikolai had finally discovered the wonder of our yellow chair.  

It was fun to eat... to hide behind....

...and apparently very soft! 

Isn't he sweet? :D

Cousins are the best!

We've been really lucky to be able to go up to Logan to visit Nikolai's cousins (oh, and their parents too ;D) this last month and Nikolai has really loved playing with them! 

At Calvin's 2nd birthday party there were balloons and OH BOY did the boys like playing with them! 

Nikolai mostly liked to look at them and try to eat them, but his bigger cousins knew they could have much more fun with them. 

Sorry, I just love this picture.  I love Calvin's little foot kicking the balloon and the bright orange balloon just WHOOSH! whizzing off past Nikolai! 

Yeah, apparently Nikolai just liked wrestling with other babies over ALL the balloons :)

And he sure got a kick out of having his hair all static-y!

Oh, and the reason we were there:  Happy (late late late late) birthday Calvin! You're the best! We love you! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Off we go!

A few weeks ago, we ran off to Provo so Jesse could meet with some old Professors in preparation for applying to law school (yayyy!!!).  While we were there we went to BYU's Museum of Art.  What follows is  a photo-dump from our excursion featuring my almost absurdly cute baby. 

With dad! 

On some metal pixelated animals! 

And in his favorite place: On dad's shoulders! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fast friends?

Nikolai likes other babies, but is also perplexed by them.  Take his recent encounter with our neighbor's sweet baby girl: 

"Mama! There's another baby in my livingroom!"

"Look! There she is!" 

"There there there there there!"

"Ok let's play."

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

He's his own person now!

Nikolai is 9 months old today, which means that he's been outside of me as long as he was inside of me! He's so big now, it's totally nuts to look at him and think that he really grew in my belly :) But it's also SO wonderful to think that he started as such a tiny tiny thing and now he's crawling around and laughing and gaining his own personality.  

Some stats/feats:

-At his doctor's appointment today, Nikolai weighed 21 lbs (59%) and was 28 in tall (42%).  That's so weird to me cause that means that in the 3 months since his last appointment, he's gained 3 lbs but only grown an inch, but to me it seems like he's grown SO tall! But what was really surprising was his head size;  his head has grown an inch in circumference which puts him in the 91% for head size--so basically his head is bigger than 91% of other babies his age :)  It's funny because I thought he had a big head, but now we know for sure! ;D 

-Nikolai has gotten 2 more teeth in the past month! Now he has 4 on top and 2 on bottom. 

-He's gotten much better at cruising along furniture and now will walk while holding on to someone's hands.  He's really excited about it and seems like he's learning that walking can be a means of transportation, so lately it's become his favorite game :)  

-This month he's grown more socially than physically:  he's started having stranger anxiety, will crawl over and get in my lap when he wants comfort or wants to play, and even started crying and crawling towards me when I walked out the door the other day!  Those sound little and silly but it's just so neat to see him grow and develop in so many tiny little ways that add up to make him a little person! 

-His favorite things to do: pointing, clapping, reading books, wrestling with daddy and playing peekaboo. 

And now, a barrage of photos! 

(Being silly and wrestling his way out of his jammies)

("Kissing" pooh bear)

(Bedtime stories with daddy!)

Our little buddy is so sweet and silly and stubborn and wonderful and we are SO happy he's ours!