Friday, August 24, 2012

7 months is the best!

Yesterday Nikolai turned 7 months old!  He is growing so fast! I'm simultaneously overjoyed and upset that my baby is getting so old! He's learning and figuring out new things everyday and we're so proud of him. 


Some of his latest feats are: 

-clapping?  We're not sure that he really knows what's going on, but it sure seems like he's imitating us! 

-eating solid foods! For lunch he always eats baby food (usually simple fruits and veggies) and for dinner he has barley baby cereal and some of whatever Jesse and I are eating, either pureed or mashed so that he can gum it.  

-dancing?  We're not sure what's going on, but Nikolai has started doing this thing where he shakes his head and wiggles back and forth, and it's usually when there's music on or we're dancing around so we think he's imitating dancing! Whatever it is, we think it's really cute :)

-teething!  His bottom right incisor is coming in and hoo boy has it been a fussy ride!  Nikolai's not really sure what's going on and neither are we so basically we baby him and use lots of baby orajel...wish us luck!

-aaaaand CRAWLING!!! 

He's not very fast yet, but he sure does love being able to move himself around and get to whatever he wants! It's not that big of an adjustment for me because he only crawls when he sees something he REALLY wants (like my camera in the above video--his favorite!) and he rolled around so much before that he's not really any more into things than he already was.  

Nikolai's also getting to an age where he LOVES playing with mama and daddy--sometimes we're just chilling in the living room when we look down and catch him looking up at us, and as soon as we make eye contact he just starts giggling! It's like he's just looking for an excuse to laugh and so he starts laughing as soon as he sees us.  He's also started pulling up to stand on things so the last few days he's starting crawling over to us sitting down and pulling up on us and cooing at us over our knees :)  It's the cutest ever!

We love our sweet Nikolai and we're so glad to have him with us! 

Family reunion 2012

The week after Megan's wedding we took off for the north country to Herriman State Park in Idaho for Jesse's family's reunion!  We stayed in some cabins that were old on the outside but nice and cozy on the inside.  Whoever decorated them did a bunch of stenciling on the walls that I LOVED!  Check them out: 

I think I'll do those in my house one day! 

A random sign at the visitor's center on one of our outings while there: 

(what's up with the opera singer?!)

One morning while we were there, Nikolai woke up for the day at 5 Jesse and I each took a turn being up with him while the other person slept so that we'd at least be a little bit well rested.  While Jesse was up, he took these pictures of the amazing eastern Idaho sunrise:

And he took one of our sweet, mischievous little boy! 

We had an awesome time seeing everyone at the reunion. 

(commemorative m&ms!)

We played games,

(dave with his apples to apples adjectives--check them out! He was quite proud)

and the cousins loved playing together!

We can't wait to do it again next year!

Baby at the beach!

The day after Megan got married we decided to postpone heading back to UT for a few hours and went to the beach instead! Aaron came with us (instead of heading back with my parents) so he could experience the Pacific Ocean, and needless to say, he and Jesse greatly enjoyed themselves. 

It was niiiiiiice.

Nikolai, on the other hand, wasn't really sure what to make of all the sand... 

He kept trying to eat it...

and the tide kinda scared him!

So mostly Jesse and I took turns getting in the ocean while the other person watched Nikolai.  

It was much more complicated than going to the beach was before we had kids, but it was still fun and worth it! 

Southern California Oddities

A few weeks ago we journeyed to Southern California to see my sister Megan get married! It was kind of a wild ride: I picked up Aaron from the airport (he had been in NC for 3 weeks) and then we picked up Jesse from work and we took off to drive all night long with the idea that Nikolai would sleep most of the way (as opposed to screaming the whole way).  It actually wasn't too bad; he fussed off and on for the first few hours until he finally fell asleep for the night, and then we were just had to get through the rest of the drive in the middle of the night.  

The next day, we got up after 4ish hours of sleep and took off to LA to be on the Price is Right! 

In case you're wondering: no, we didn't get called to "Come on down!" but we DID get put in the very front row!  Our taping will be aired on November 6th (Election day!) so make sure to get up early and vote and then come home and watch us on the show :) 

While we were out and about in LA we saw some odd stuff.  

Such as: 

I want a Juicy Yumburger! 

Aren't donuts always a good time? (Do you spell it donut or doughnut?  I usually spell it doughnut but now I'm not sure).

Cool architecture!

And the denouement: a PANCAKE. MAKING. MACHINE. 

You press the yellow button on the front, put your plate off to the side to catch the pancake when it comes out aaaaaand....

Ta da!  It was definitely the coolest thing ever.  Not really worth buying for my house, but definitely perfect for a hotel! 

And unfortunately, I got so excited about taking all these pictures of weird stuff that my camera had died by the time we went to the I have no pictures of the bride and groom.  Suffice it to say that Megan looked AMAZING, Garett looked blissful and many of us had some happy tears of joy over their union.  We are so pleased with Megan's choice and we're happy to have Garett in the family!