Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy 4 months, baby!

Nikolai is 4 months old today! 

Some stats and feats:

-Weight: 14.9 lbs (52%)

-Height: 25.5 in (73%)

Basically he's a little string bean :)

-He's obsessed with his toes: 

-He still only rolls over to the right, but now he can do it really easily and can get his arms out from underneath him once he does!  And sometimes, he can roll from his stomach back over to the right to his back!

-He loves being propped up, held up to stand, or basically anything that does not mean lying down ;)

-Anything within his reach immediately gets grabbed and put in his mouth! 

-He loves it when we sing at him and usually coos and laughs along with us :)  

-He loves watching us dance, and especially loves it when we move his arms and legs along to music.  It makes him laugh!

-He smiles SO easily now, even when we're across the room! But he never just smiles, he coos and laughs too! 

-His biggest feat: he laughs a real baby laugh now! It's a full belly laugh and is SO AWESOME! Once we get our hands on a camera that does video (and he recovers from his 4 month shots...) we'll take a video of it and post! 

In retrospect, most of Nikolai's current skills relate to laughing.  He sure keeps us entertained! 

And some silly pictures:

(looking around)

(talking to the camera)

(chewing on his tongue)

And a baby collage! 
(Click to see it bigger)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Asleep, Asleep

Nikolai's grandma held him and loved him and jiggled him to sleep. 

(doesn't he look like a little boy here?)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's unfair

That ONE Oreo cookie (albeit a double stacked Oreo) can have more calories than an entire granola bar.

(Especially since I really want to eat a whole row of cookies)


It's official

I graduated!  

And the prophet of the church signed my diploma.  Legit.

my baby

has discovered his toes.  

and enjoys eating them.

also, he likes going on walks with his mama (especially to the library!).

but unfortunately, he does not yet know how to read.  

if he did, he would have been able to read this odd sign:

and would have known that he is not supposed to pee on his mama. 

(ah well, at least the baby carrier covered it so no one else knew! and is it sad that I was sweating so much that I didn't even know it had happened til I got home and took off the carrier?)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A hike up big cottonwood canyon

Yesterday, my awesome husband showed up at lunch time and declared that he had taken the afternoon off and that we should go on an adventure! 

We hiked and hiked and hiked and hiked and saw pretty rivers and lovely mountains!

Our little buddy was content to gnaw on his baby carrier and to be close to daddy.

The trail was pretty steep--it was around 2 miles one way and went up over 2000 feet!


The aspen trees were LOVELY. 

And then our little buddy fell asleep. 

So we turned him around so he could sleep easier.

And then we hiked so high, we found SNOW! In May! 

At which point we decided we were tired and turned around to head back--and got this view!

By the way, a hypothetical question for you: is it littering to throw a banana peel in the bushes on a hike?  

(we decided it wasn't this time, but after some people saw us do it we decided that it was)

The only mishap came about 200 feet from the car, when our little buddy peed straight out of his diaper onto his daddy.  And he was so excited to have peed his pants!

Hooray for Friday adventures and the great outdoors!

Friday, May 4, 2012

More blurry phone photos

(Because most of the pictures I take on my real camera don't seem to make it to my computer in a timely fashion)

In which Nikolai makes a weird face at the camera:

In which Nikolai tries to eat my phone while I kiss him: