Sunday, March 18, 2012

I have been hoarding pictures

So I will dump them on you now! 

On Tuesday we attended our Democratic caucus, like good Americans (who get involved!).  Aaron came with us to witness the proceedings.  He held Nikolai while we filled out some forms and at one time held him up and said, 

"Look Nick, Democracy!"


In other completely unrelated news, Nikolai likes taking baths.  And like any sane person, he fusses when he has to get out and be in the cold cold air instead of the nice warm water. 

The nice thing about spring cleaning at the Stricklans is that we find lots of books that we don't want anymore.  We had them in a bag to take to DI, until we realized OUR LOCAL USED BOOKSTORE DOES TRADE INS!  So on Saint Patty's Day we put our little boy in his front(back)pack and his holiday jammies and walked over!  

 (a close-up of the celebratory jammies)

Unfortunately (fortunately?) we came back with more books than we left with! 

(Note that I am slowly amassing a collection of books for our Nikolai! We have to raise him right!)

And lastly, Nikolai is very sweet with his silly parents. 

And he gets cuter every day!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring cleaning

On Monday I purchased us a much needed bookshelf (we've had a few shelves double stacked for awhile now!) and we spent the evening assembling it.  Jesse decided that while we were at it, we should just go ahead and sort and organize the books! They're now organized in the categories of Russian, German, Fiction, Non-Fiction, YA Lit, Kids books and Reference and sorted by author therein.  It was oddly exciting! 

The process.

The result! A book nook!

According to Jesse: "Spring cleaning at the Stricklans means rearranging the books."