Thursday, December 29, 2011

oh hey, we moved!

Did I ever tell you that Jesse got a job?  
And that we found a great apartment and moved out of my parents' house?  
And that we only live 10 minutes away from them and Jesse's work?

It's pretty awesome.  

Here's our apartment!

 The view from the front door. 

Look to the left!

 Look to the right!

 Library corner 
(also pictured: advent calendar and stockings)

The view from the library corner into the dining room nook. (note: we now have a real table that has replaced the pictured card table)

The view into the kitchen hallway from the dining room nook.  The living room is to the left. 

Another glimpse of the kitchen hallway. 

 Bathroom! The shower and toilet are off to the left.

 Little Nikolai's room! (yes, we've decided to name him Nikolai!)

 And lastly, our room!

This apartment is twice  the square footage of our Wymount apartment, so we're feeling pretty spoiled with all of the space :)  Also, we have great (and quiet!) neighbors and an excellent landlady, so overall we're really loving it here!

And I know it's after Christmas (and I haven't blogged in over a month...>.>) but here's our Christmas tree all lit up :)

And the stockings I made for us this year! (Jesse's, mine, and little Nick's)

Oh yeah, and in case you forgot: I'm nine months pregnant.  The waiting game has begun!