Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween is just a big excuse

Halloween is basically just an excuse to do the following awesome things: 

1) Actually buy candy for once and pretend it's ok to eat tons of it.

2) Get crafty and play dress up for a day. 

And, in the advent that you're pregnant and too lazy to figure out something that you can dress up as (a pregnant Rose Tyler from Dr. Who? Yeah, still strange, even if your husband dresses up as the Doctor, and even if you're stuck-in-another-dimension-Rose who gets to end up with the human Doctor...) then it's an excuse to

3) Get crafty and make really sweet costumes for other people!

Aaron wanted to dress up as Kuzon-Aang (Aang from Avatar: The last Airbender when he's hiding out in the fire nation, dressed up in fire nation garb) for Halloween--here's a reference of what he looks like:

And this is what I came up with! 

For the record, we bought the red long sleeve shirt at DI (and I cut the brown sleeves off another shirt from DI and then sewed them inside the vest--I'm really terrible at making sleeves) but the rest I sewed myself, without a pattern (yeah I'm hard-core...or just too lazy to find one...)

I must say, I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out! It's pretty much the coolest thing I've ever made :D 

And Aaron pulls it off splendidly!

Thanks for having faith in me, buddy! This was fun :D

Saturday, October 22, 2011

In which I show you some photos and try to pretend they're related

A few weeks ago, we were all craving some Krispy Kreme doughnuts, so we went and got a bunch to share. When we brought them home, Jesse was in the process of making himself a healthy snack of celery.  He compromised :)

Sometime last week, Aaron got invited to his first high school dance: Utah style! 

This means that the girl that asked him (to the ladies' choice dance) secretly left an invitation on the doorstep, to which Aaron had to respond in kind if he wanted to go with her. 

Her note said that he'd have to eat all of the candy corn to find out who she was--but we cheated and just dumped it all in a bag and found the slip of paper with her name on it at the bottom.  She's one of Aaron's (new) good friends, so he responded yes by writing a message on pumpkins and sneakily setting them out in her yard for her to find.  

And he doesn't like candy corn, so I got to eat most of it.  mmmmm :)

So my dad's new job is treating him really well! They're having a decorate-your-desk-for-Halloween contest this month, so in the spirit of office solidarity he asked me to put together some decorations for his area.  Here's what I came up with: 

"Bloody" candles, paper mache pumpkins, little silhouettes of black mice, etc.  It was fun :)  

(oh, and the actual working is going well for him too :D)

Jesse and I got rid of our old couch when we moved out of Wymount (it was a bit old and very well loved!) so we've been on the hunt to find a new one ever since.  We found this AWESOME green 70s one at DI last week, but alas, when we returned the next day to buy it with my parents' mini van, it was sold! :( I almost cried.  But we bought this awesome yellow chair instead! 

And it was only $10. Oh yes.  And it's even MORE comfortable than it looks. 

On Sunday, we started teaching Sunday School to the 7 and 8 year olds at church.  I borrowed my mom's watch so I could keep track of time in the class room, and quickly discovered that my hands look just like hers when I wear her watch!

On Monday, Jesse and I went to visit his awesome cousin Alex in SLC (yayy Alex!).  Before we went to see her, we thought we'd go to the downtown library, because we had heard they had some interesting art exhibits up.  But when we got there, we discovered instead that they were having a used book sale--and because it was the last day of the sale, it was only $5 to fill up a brown paper grocery bag with books.  

Yes. You read that right.  A full grocery bag of books for $5.  

We freaked out. 

And managed to find some really awesome stuff!

I got some collections of German poetry, along with a children's book in German, some piano sheet music, the first 2 Suzuki method books for violin, some songbooks, and 2 embroidery books.  Jesse found several books by some of his favorite authors, some Russian classics, a selection of essays by Russian authors (that he didn't know existed and would have never thought to look for!) along with some others.  It was a great haul! Jesse was pretty much beaming afterwards (have I told you how much he likes books?) so it was good :) 

Lastly, it's interesting to note that I've begun having very strange dreams about the coming birth of our son.  Most of my dreams are normal--I just see our little boy and he's sweet and little and soft--but I've had some bizarre ones too--like the one in which he turned into a little doll because we left him alone too long, or like last night, in which he came several months early and we hadn't bought any things for him yet, so he had to sleep in a little plastic under-the-bed box with blankets in it...yes.  Can you tell the things I am subconsciously worried about? 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Looks like nesting, but really it's just procraftination

See, I'm supposed to be working on my Independent Study classes...but mostly I want to craft instead.

First, I made this sweet owl hat for our little boy (using this free pattern! Link)

The only thing about it is that it is supposed to be newborn sized...but ain't no newborn got a head THAT big! (ain't no newborn of ours anyways...hopefully!)

So I made another hat with the same pattern but a smaller crochet hook...

and it's STILL huge.  So I dunno.  I think I need to find some really fine yarn AND use a smaller crochet hook...but right now I'm temporarily tired of making hats, so I'll come back to that later.

Speaking of coming back to it later...I started this blanket THREE years ago, and FINALLY finished it a few days ago! I wanted it to be really big, which meant doing the same pattern for a long long long time...too long for my attention span, apparently, because I'd start doing it while watching a movie or something and then not work on it again for months because it was too tedious.

But this weekend, I finally finished it!

(p.s. ignore how yellowy it looks...that white is really white, the lighting was just bad >.<)

And look how huge it turned out!

So now I feel like I accomplished something :)

And now, I should really go write a 1,200-2,000 word essay on how the policy of slavery affected politics between 1800 and 1880...