Friday, September 30, 2011

mmmmm baby :)

To celebrate finding out we're having a sweet boy, I decided to make him a few onesies to wear when he makes his grand entrance into our family :) 

Be warned: they're pretty nerdy :)

This one was Jesse's idea! 

(in case you can't read it, it says "Make it so." Good old star trek :D)

These next two go out to my good friend Megan!

(It's says "Supertoll! Jawohl!" which basically means "Super great! Oh yes!")

And then we decided to go ahead and label our baby, just so everyone knows he's a baby :D we're seriously thinking of bringing him home from the hospital in this one!

This one is based off a REALLY easy tutorial I found here (link!).  When we decide baby boy's name, I'm going to either paint or embroider it on one of the lines!

And the last one, the pinnacle of my achievement...

Let's get a closer look, shall we? 

Yep. The Doctor triumphs over Cybermen every time!  (although being able to travel in time might help! except for the fact that the doctor can't manipulate his own timeline...but that's an argument for another time ;D)

So that's that! There'll be some more soon--I have a little jacket I'm holding in reserve for a brilliant moment, and I have a few awesome tutorials sitting in my bookmarks folder waiting to me made too.  It's really exciting to figure out how to craft things for a boy! It's much different from what I'm used to doing so it's a good change of pace.  Yaaaay for our baby boy!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

first name: bob, last name: we-had-a-baby-it's-a-boy

(does anyone else remember this commercial?)

aaaaaand.....the 11 (out of 29) people that voted we're having a BOY were right!!!!  

(and I was wrong! I knew it was a girl...wrong! ;D)

Yep! Look at his sweet little profile :)

and look at him arching his little foot!

and him telling us that he's number one! (see his little hand there in the middle?)

Yaaaaay!!!! I will admit, at first I was mildly disappointed that he's not a girl, but now I'm just excited to have a sweet little boy! And jeez, is he looking cute already :) Our little gummy bear has come a long way since our last ultrasound! We're excited that he'll have so many cousins and friends his age to grow up with, and we're excited that he he looked healthy and good! The best part was watching him take big swallows and seeing his little nose and mouth :) Yaaaay, baby boy! 

p.s. we had a girl name picked out but hadn't settled on a boy name, so give us a little while to decide what to call him! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Another tally on the side of having a girl

According to my informative and humorous and generally awesome book, What to expect when you're expecting, "women pregnant with girls are more forgetful, on average, than those carrying boys." 

I take this as good news because the other day, I went to get another bowl of salsa out of the fridge but couldn't find the jar in the fridge (and wandered around the kitchen for 5 minutes trying to figure out if I had left it on the counter, to no avail...) only to find that I had placed it in the cupboard with the bowls and plates (yes, really). That, and I can no longer carry on a decent conversation because I start sentences and then forget what I'm saying halfway through...yeah, I'm thinking that this one might be a girl! Thanks, all-knowing baby book! ;)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A brief update:

Friends! We safely arrived in the grand ol' United States of America 2 weeks ago, helped my family finish packing up my childhood home, and promptly drove back across the country to UT! We've been here for about a week, settling in and generally taking a breather ;) I'm starting on 2 independent study classes (the last thing standing between me and my degree!!!) and Jesse is looking for a job--and I'm still growing a baby! 

I'm 22 weeks pregnant, and I've FINALLY set up an appointment to find out the baby's gender! It'll be in about a week and a half, and I am SO EXCITED!!!  And this is where you come in--you should vote to guess what we're having! Over to the right over there there's a poll where you can vote anytime before Tuesday the 27th--so jump on it! Yaaay!