Sunday, July 17, 2011

I am growing a person: week 14

Hello all! I would just like to announce that I am finally becoming visibly pregnant and no longer look like I've just eaten too much! (well, mostly)

Ta da!

Well...I still sort of look like I maybe just ate too much...but I am also looking a little pregnant.  Wahoo!  Really though, this last week or so I think I've "popped" and the baby must be growing double time cause I've become noticeably more pregnant looking at a very quick rate! It is very exciting :) There is probably a real baby in there after all! 

In other news, we leave for Russia on TUESDAY.  OH GOODNESS.  I am going to try REALLY hard to post lost of updates for everyone to see (no promises though; I really am inherently a slacker). Wish us safe travels, everyone!  

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sew busy!

After I got off my crazy Harvest Moon kick, I got on a sewing kick (with hours and hours of Doctor Who in the background!).

The not as interesting ones first: 

Two little hidden pouches for our passports and some money for while we're in Russia,

and passport cover for my awesome passport (tutorial found here).

A little more exciting: I found this awesome wallet tutorial (link here) and decided to make one! I've had my old wallet for probably 6 years and wanted a new one, but I have waaay more time than money right now...and I also felt like sewing! so I made one myself. 

There's lots of little pockets for my myriad of cards.

Librarrrrrry carrrrd!!!!!   (yeah, that was probably the first thing we did when we got here--got a library card.  We were here for 2 days and Jesse was going crazy without any books to read!)

It has a pocket for stuuuuf...

And a zipper pocket for my moneys! (I sewed a zipper!)

I was also lazy and didn't want to walk back and forth to the sewing machine downstairs so I sewed it all by! 

That wallet inspired me to make up my own half-sized wallet! This one is a little different though.

It's got the same card pockets, but no zipper.

But I got clever and made a little bill pocket on the side! I had to sit and think for awhile about how I could line both sides AND hide all the seams....but I figured it out :D (*pats herself on the back*)

And there's itty bitty pockets on the side!

Aaaand that's it! (for now!) We leave in 4 days--any suggestions for random stuff I should sew with my spare time?

Hello Monticello!

  Another little mini-vacation we took was last weekend, to Charlottesville, VA to see Monticello, AKA the awesome house and property of Thomas Jefferson.  

Aaron and Jesse are pretty good buddies with him :) 

This has nothing to do with anything else, but there was this little water fountain/garden by the visitor's center and coming from some of the lilies were these crazy alien looking stalks! Don't they freak you out?!

We couldn't take pictures inside the house but we came across this as we left and it gave me a good chuckle :)

That's a pretty privy tunnel, hm?

And here's the house itself! (btw, it's on the nickel!)

Ahem.  Here is Jesse and I, in front of our new home... ;)
(we wish! it was so cool!)

Outside behind the recreation of Thomas Jefferson's experimental garden is the SWEET little gazebo that he built.  Gorgeous, huh?

It makes a great place to pose for photos!

Here we're going for an american gothic sort of aesthetic...

...but it didn't really work so we gave up and were happy :)

At the end of the tour, we got to see the awesome monument over Thomas Jefferson's grave. 

Cool huh? 

And last but not least, as I was trying to snap a photo of the gazebo above, Jesse ran up and stuck his face in front of my camera. This was the result:

Yep.  He's awesome.

Linville Falls

One excuse I DO have for not blogging for so long is that we've been running around with my family taking awesome little mini-vacations. A few weeks ago, we went up to the mountains to see Linville falls. 

(hint: this is just a little part of the falls) 

The water comes from those falls and then rushes through this little gorge here, and then down some bigger falls.

My little brother is no longer little. 

Jesse and I!

He is growing a beard and I am growing a baby!'s really pretty. 

They call it the Blue Ridge Mountains for a reason! 

I am a slacker of the first degree

Hello friends. 

We left Utah nearly four weeks ago and drove across the country and I've been a complete bum and not blogged even ONCE! I have no excuse--the last few weeks, I sat around pretty much every day and played Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility for hours and hours and hours (what can I say, the farming life is very relaxing!).  (also, does it make you crazy trying to figure out what to do when you have a parenthetical sentence at the end of another sentence and both of them require their own punctuation so you end up with something like !).  --that at the end? yeah.  it makes me crazy.)

Anyways.  No excuse.  

So! A few updates, which will take up the next few posts.  Let's start at the beginning! 

When we drove across the US, we took a southern-ish route from Provo down through the corner of Colorado, then through the northeast corner of New Mexico, through the top of Texas, and then straight through Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennessee until we dropped down into North Carolina! It was very interesting to come down out of the the mountains across the dry dry desert and across the country as it gradually got moister and greener!   The trip was quite long and mildly tedious, but we did have books to read (thanks Landon and Kylie!) and along with way we made at least one awesome stop! 

This is Mesa Verde, Colorado, also know as the ancient adobe cliff dwellings of the Anasazi people.  And yes, it was as cool as it looks!  The one above is a smaller dwelling called the Spruce Tree House, and the one below is called the Cliff Palace. 

(not pictured: the extremely narrow rock stairways we had to climb down to this point and to come back up from the dwellings!)

I think Jesse enjoyed himself :) 

As did I! In part because that blonde lady right behind me and her family were German--I just walked really close to them the whole time and practiced trying to understand German! Loads of fun :) 

And a few views from down lower:

Well that's that! It was a great little detour that we're definitely glad we took!