Friday, December 31, 2010

Long time no post = a picture post

Why hello there! It has been a long time since I put much of anything about our goings-on on here.  

Mmm.  I was about to ramble off there but I realized I'm kinda sleepy and it was going to come out very strangely, so I've decided to cut to the chase.  Consider yourself lucky that you didn't have to sit through that.

Without further is our Christmas Tree!  Ah! The splendor! The grandeur!  The hand-crafted ornaments!  

Ok so really we got the tree super cheap at Walmart but didn't want to spend any money buying ornaments, so I made some (besides, who am I kidding, I loved the excuse to make stuff).

I found this super awesome tutorial on the internets and was thrilled! I mean, fuzzy crocheted christmas baubles?  yusssssssssss. besides, it was really easy and fun too :D  

Those are most of what is on the tree, but I found some other random stuff online and made these too! 


And here she is, all lit up.


In other news, we went to Jesse's parent's house for Christmas! It was my first Christmas not at my parent's house, which was a little sad, but his family is awesome and we had a really good time anyways :D  

And we got to hang out with this little guy!!!

His name is Calvin.  He is our nephew, Melissa's baby. 

And he is the sweetest baby that I have seen so far in my life (because obviously, my children will be the sweetest babies I've ever seen....right?  ;D) 

When you catch his eye and smile at him, his whole face lights up in this gigantic baby smile. It's infectious.  

We sat around in the livingroom for a bit, playing with him.  I particularly like how proud Dave looks in these pictures.  For such a cowboy, he is mighty soft around that little one.  It was awesome, really. 

Aaaand that's apparently all I have from Christmas!  I really do need to say though, that I'm very grateful for a wonderful family in law.  I couldn't be with those blood related to me this Christmas, but I was able to be with them, and it was really really nice.  

And then to today!  Jesse and I worked for just a few hours this week, but have spent the rest of our time playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which I got for Jesse for Christmas.  Actually, Jesse has been playing it, and I've been crocheting!  It sounds dull, I know, but it's actually a fairly clever game, and I like to help him solve the puzzles and watch the plot progress.  It's been really nice, mostly, to sit around and be lazy for a few days before we get into school again. 

The other thing I've done this week is COOK!  I'm finding I actually really enjoy cooking when I have time for it.  During the semester we get so busy and stressed out that we don't have time or energy to cook anything and just end up eating junk all the time.  I feel like I've balanced some of the sitting around in my jammies by making good food this week :D  

Today, for example, I made Tomatillo chicken soup. Speaking of which, if any of you out there on the internets reading this are at all interested in cooking then you should seriously subscribe to better homes and gardens' email list.  Every day they send me a 30 recipe compilation on some theme--christmas dinner ideas, party appetizers, easy salads, crock pot stuff, cookies, etc.  And every day I flip through it and inevitably find a few recipes that speak to me.  It's a really awesome way to find new recipes without having to spend tons of time searching the interwebs for the thing you think you want. I highly recommend it!

Speaking of which, I got this great recipe there too: Brown sugar shortbread cookies.  

They're really easy, just a few ingredients, and the best part is that the recipe calls for a cookie stamp to flatten them out...and I decided to make my own!  I just carved my design into half of a potato, greased it up with some cooking spray (so the dough wouldn't stick) and presto! Designed. 

When they baked up the design got lost a little though.  The star showed up better than the heart so I think with the rest of the dough sitting in the fridge I'm going to try another pattern, something with more straight lines and such. 

Allllllrighty, that's all I got.  Happy Early New Year Friends! Or HENYF for short.  Okgettingweirdbye! 

Monday, December 27, 2010

One year ago today I got married

Dear Sweet Jesse-Husband,

       Have you noticed how I always call you sweet Jesse?  That's because sweet is always the word I think of when I think of you.  You are always, always, always sweet to me, all the time, up or down, high or low.  That's the first word I think of, but I think sometimes I say it instead of other words: kind, thoughtful, respectful, generous, caring, gentle, brilliant, hilarious, wonderful.  When I am down, you help me get up.  You help me think about things:  why I want to do the things I want to do (and when I don't know why you help me think of good reasons), why I'm really feeling the way I'm feeling, why I think the things I do--rather than letting me run about blindly spouting my opinions about things.
      You are the best man that I ever could have married (subjunctive! yeah!) I knew that from the first time we dated....which is almost certainly why I broke up with you that time, and what, two more times?  Something like that.  You were wonderful, and I could see what a good husband and father and best friend you'd be, and it scared me silly--I was 19 for goodness sake! And so I broke your heart a few times, until we decided to stop talking entirely to settle the matter.  And my dear, sweet, wonderful mother listened to me that whole month that we didn't talk, as I told her how I always wanted to tell you things and how I always wanted to hang out with you and how you had become my best friend and how miserable and lonely I was--and she said "well just call him!"  I was too chicken for that, but I came over one night and we talked--and it was like breathing again after holding my breath for too long.  We talked for hours and then made nachos and did the dishes together and we splashed each other some and it was all down hill from there.  Actually, it was all down hill from the time I saw you in the stairwell of your apartment building with your green jacket and rosy rosy cheeks and bright blue eyes with the crinkles around the edges when you smiled.  I was a goner, right there.
       And yet, none of that love that I felt for you then compares to how we've grown together this last year.  It's been stressful, sure, but you are patient and have faith that God will take care of us, and it helps me have faith too.  Thanks, Jesse.  Thanks for being silly with me and happy with me and sad with me and hopeful with me and joyful with me.  You are my best friend. I love you.

your Catherine-wife

Monday, December 6, 2010

A few conversations from today #2

Catherine: Uh, are you going to need to print any long papers in the next two days or something?
Jesse: Yeah probably, why?
Catherine: Oh.  Then I probably shouldn't use the rest of the printer paper to make paper snowflakes then.

Can you tell it's the end of the semester and I finished my next to next to last paper that I woke up to write at 4:30 this morning?  Can you tell I've been writing and reading a lot in German this semester so my sentences have become long and rambly but that I have no cases to help sort out subject object confusion?

I hope so.  Cause those things are true.

And now, a conversation overheard on campus today:

A girl talking to another girl: So she's a nurse major, and has cats, and works at this clinic, and was over this guy with amnesia, and on their second date he had like, this miraculous recovery and remembered they were friends in kindergarten and now they're engaged and she's giving her cats away....

I hope so very very much that they were talking about a very poorly written movie....oh please oh please oh please oh please....

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Some thoughts # 1

Jesse and I are attempting to do homework (actually, he might really be doing homework, I'm merely procrastinating it) and meanwhile are listening to the Christmas mix made by my awesome friend Rachel (Rachel I stole it! You put it on facebook so I downloaded it!  But it's great!) and it is indie and there are banjos.

This is how our (somewhat onesided) conversation went:

Catherine: I am a sucker for indie music with banjos.
Jesse: Banjos?
Catherine: Yeah.  I don't know why.  They just get me.  Banjos get me.

Back to reading up on reader response criticism so I can write this dagum paper.

p.s. I've taken a lot of pictures lately.  They should be up here soonish.  Maybe when I finish this paper.  Maybe tomorrow.

p.p.s. I applied.