Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

oh yeah, I forgot to tell you

My parents are nuts but awesome and very clever...and they got Jesse a bike for Christmas! 

It came in the mail and we put it together in the livingroom :D

He's so happy, the corners of his eyes are all crinkled :)

And it's fast too! Look at that blur! 

 (Or else it was just dark outside and my camera couldn't take a moving picture at that low of an F stop...)

It's been quite lovely though, really.  A few days this last week we were running late getting ready for school and so we just rode our bikes to campus! It's much, much faster, and also great exercise. Wahoo!

In other news, we made breakfast for dinner tonight! We like going to Winco  to get our groceries, cause even though we have to drive farther, their selection is FANTASTIC and we always save about ten bucks, if not more, per shopping trip.  In the mail the other day we got a leaflet from them with coupons for free eggs, bacon, english muffins, and orange juice.  Seriously, really, completely free.  That was kind of hard to pass up, so Jesse went yesterday while I was at work and got that and the other groceries we needed.  And tonight....we cooked it! We also had some waffle mix left from making waffles a few weeks ago so we had waffles too.  Oh much fat....but so delicious.  

Witness the excitement!

In other other news, we are thrilled to be off school for most of this week! I am looking forward to sleeping in and eating good food and seeing Jesse's family and my siblings and relaxing! It is going to be lovely. 

Have a lovely day friends! 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ka-POW! That was the real world smacking me in the face.

My, what a week.  I don't even know what happened, really.  It was Tuesday for about 4 days and then Friday for 2, I think.  It's very strange when that happens.  Really throws you off, you know?

Big news though.

I'm going to graduate in August instead of December! (meaning August 2011 instead of December 2011) Monday night Jesse and I were looking at the classes we're taking next semester and he was deciding that he'd just take 2 classes spring term instead of taking an entire semester next fall to finish, and then I many classes do I need for my german literature electives?  Wait, how many do I have left? Wait REALLY, that few?! We got really excited and kind of shaky.  My adrenaline was pumping at the thought of actually graduating.  It does bring a few minor issues though.  First of all, we hadn't really planned anything for Jesse going to grad school yet, cause we figured he wouldn't be going until Fall 2012.  Now we've essentially got an entire year extra that we hadn't expected, and we don't know what to do with it! Should Jesse rush and take the LSAT and GRE and apply to 50 different schools when he's not really sure what he wants to do yet?  Should we attempt to teach English in Russia or Japan for a year?  Or, should we just pick a city, any city, move there, get some bum jobs and hang out for a year before grad school? WE WILL BOTH BE COLLEGE GRADUATES HOLY COW.  It's very surreal.

It's kinda sad too.  I've been whining all semester about how I am SOOO glad that I'll be done in a year, about how I'm tired of school and academia and I'll be glad when I'm finished.  But now that it is suddenly very real and very soon, I'm not so sure about that.  Next semester is my last semester on campus.  Next semester is my last chance to go to international cinema and divine comedy and all those other awesome things that only happen during the semester.  And after spring term, I won't work at Jamba anymore.  Holy cow, how can I say goodbye to all of the friends I've made there?  How can Jesse and I pick up and move off somewhere away from Landon and Kylie and Megan and Jesse's parents and siblings?  Will we make friends when we move out in the real world, away from out sweet little bubble here?  What if no one likes us cause we're weird and we read a lot?  It's suddenly...very real.  Very intimidating.  We are going to be adults.  We'll hopefully have kids soon.  I'll probably need to get a real job that isn't making smoothies and playing all day.

Wow.  I didn't mean to get all weepy and stuff on y'all.  The nostalgia came on pretty fast there.

Well maybe.

Maybe we'll get to live closer to my parents and Courtney (pleeeeeeeease!!!!)
Maybe we'll get to live in an apartment without cinder block walls, where we can actually put nails in the walls and paint and stuff.
Maybe we'll move somewhere where I can grow more plants (a garden? please?)
Maybe we'll get to see the world a little bit.
Maybe I'll get really good at writing letters.

Really, really good.

Friday, November 12, 2010


I skipped class this morning, cause I just couldn't wake up for it.  Sorry, Music 202.  You're a great class, I just don't like your time.

Anyways, Jesse stayed home too instead of going to campus, cause he just had hw to do and could do it at home just as easily as on campus.

We are out of cereal, and forgot to put oatmeal in the crockpot last night, AND we need to rest of the eggs so I can make cupcakes tonight so they're not an option either.  So Jesse is in the kitchen making pancakes for breakfast, the last edible breakfast food we have.  It's out of desperation, I know, but with the tv on in the livingroom it feels a little bit like a saturday morning at home, with cartoons and dad up early making pancakes and bacon for breakfast.  There's no bacon, and no cartoons either (Jesse is listening to the Russian tv channel while he cooks) but with the smell of the pancakes the memory is there.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mondays are not good days for cooking

I wrote a six page paper in German this morning. It was supposed to be nine. Hurrah for first drafts! I need more research though.

I attempted to make an autumnal stew this evening. Rachel Ray kinda failed me though. Actually, it was my fault: I chopped up the onions, carrots and celery too fine because I wanted to try out our food processor, which came today (:D!). Anyways, so the bits were really too small for a stew, so they cooked too quickly, and then I put the allspice in a step too early, but it wasn't really allspice since we didn't have any, so we used cinnamon, ground cloves and nutmeg instead, which likely threw the taste off some. There was twice as much apple as there was chicken, and the apples were really too soft, so they kind of turned to get the idea. Jesse loved it, bless his heart (I know what he'll be eating for lunch for a week or two...). I decided though, that since I messed it up so much it does deserve at least one more try, so here's hoping that one is better.

I tried to cut my hair on Thursday. No, I won't be posting pictures. It's not THAT bad, it's just not....good. I made Jesse promise to never let me do this again. We made a pact. Never, never again. The good news is, though, that now I have bangs-ish, and my hair looks real cute in a pony tail. Yep. Optimism.

I hate going to class without having my homework done. It seriously stinks.

We went to Divine Comedy this weekend! And Landon and Kylie came!!!! They had never been before so we made 'em come with us, and I think they enjoyed it (in spite of the prevalence of UVU and BYUI jokes, bless their hearts!). We got in line absurdly early and ate pizza and played cards and had a grand ole' time. (Is that how you spell ole' ? or is it ol' ? That looks weird....)

We also went to the BYU vs U of U hockey game!!! It was...very interesting. Very Primal. The game play is very fast and often hard to follow. The crowd cheers when people players push each other into walls (which is apparently allowed?!) and when they fight. When they fight too much, though, the refs put them in time out for 2 minutes, during which time their team has to play without them. "You were bad #13! Go sit in that box and think about what you did!"

Very strange.

These have been stuck in my head all day.

Have a lovely day!

p.s. Thank you for everyone who commented and let me know they read! I'm so glad that all of you are here! Well, in a metaphysical sense.... ;) Thanks for reading!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's a picture post!

Dear Friends,

I have been a slacker and not posted in a very long time. Here are some photographs detaling our latest adventures, with minimal words to fill you in. Enjoy.

Megan cam down for the weekend to hang out, and we carved pumpkins! Somehow, none of us decided to carve anything remotely typical jackolantern-y this year.

Jesse carved leaves!

Megan carved a sunshine!

I carved some rain drops!

And then.....there was baking. Yummy yummy lava baby cakes (or so my cookbook calls them!). I altered the recipe a little bit so I think I might be posting that own its on here soon...basically, it is a chocolate batter with chocolate ganache in the center that melts when you bake it and gushes out when you eat it, topped with juicy fresh strawberries and a little (or a lot) of powdered sugar! MMMM!!!

Witness the gooey yummy inside.

And then came the Halloween festivities! I dressed up as a doll and Jesse dressed up as a toy soldier.

We were very sweet animated inanimate objects. (p.s. I made our costumes. Yes I am bursting with pride about it, thanks for asking :D)

In other news, I'm been procraftinating lately!

I just made that word up. It sounds wrong. I meant, I've been crafting instead of doing homework lately, i.e. procrastinating-crafting....procraftinating.....yeah, that one doesn't need to catch on. Anyways....

I'm a little obsessed with these tear drop shapes lately. I draw them all over my notes, filled in, outlined in thick black lines, cascading, grouped, all over the place. And I finally realized: I can create them in a three dimensional medium! The always useful toilet paper roll strikes again!
(I TOLD you I was going to use those, remember? I didn't lie!)

In other news, we did laundry this weekend (yes, you may breathe a sigh of relief, we are not walking around in stinky clothes!) and upon setting the clean laundry in front of me to fold (p.s. mom I hate doing the laundry and putting it away but I LOVE folding it. weird huh?) I saw the following lovely colorful sight:

I think we like to wear colorful clothes...:)

In other news, we made Borsch (a tasty tasty beet-pork-cabbage soup that I could have sworn 5 years ago that I'd NEVER like) and as Jesse was peeling the beets, we noticed how cool they look on the inside! Look!

I like the cool wood grain look it has. Pretty huh?

Alright folks, that's it! By the way, if you read this far, would you leave a comment? I get a lot of visitors (I spy on you spying on me, see?) but never any comments! It would be nice to know who is reading. Thanks!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Jesse is in the back, muttering to himself softly in Russian while he studies for his Russian pronunciation class, and then I hear him half singing half chanting this to himself, presumably in reference to the hard and soft consonants he's trying to memorize:

"The past his hard, the present is soft,
the past is hard, the present is soft,
Always always always always always,
Always always always always always."

It was a sweet moment. And instead of running in there and kissing him for his sweetness I posted it on here. I must rectify this situation immediately!