Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I know I'll never be lonely I've got songs in my blood I'm carrying all the love of an orchestra

Oooooh I really like this song!!!!

Aaron, if you read this, go listen to it. I have the feeling you might like it :)



Has been giving me the crazies lately. They are coming from all sides. They are coming from essays. They are coming from readings. They are coming from speakings. They are coming from not sleepings. They are coming. They are coming.

And now it's coming out my eyes!


Yep. There. Outta muh eyes. It's not much fun, lemme tell ya. The crazies kinda burn on the way outya eyes. Don't let it happen to you, ok?

So here's a sneak peek of what I'm doing in the spare time I create to keep the crazeh at bay.

Yep. Cool? Yep. Yep.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wann ist ein Mann ein Mann?

Hier ist mein Mann.

Sometimes he reads books. Sometimes he reads them for class. Sometimes he reads them on our bed. Mostly that is because the light is next to our bed. He has this thing about light.

Sometimes the books he reads are thick russian novels. Sometimes they make him somber.

But he always smiles for me after.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Take photographs, have fun, have fun


I was just answering your question.

Yes, my family is awesome.

We have a hard time not being silly.

Probably because this is where we get it from (well, except Jesse, but he sure gets plenty of it from me!)

I'm pretty fond of him.

Megan told the boys to close their eyes and then open them right before she took the picture to prevent squinting.

Jesse and Aaron were fine.

Albert and Dad...not so much.

Yep, they're tough. Please note Jesse looking at his muscles.

These women...they are amazing.

This picture clearly shows what happens when we get married--we forget what our flirty faces are supposed to look like and only have the silly ones left. Probably because we married silly men. Megan's is just fine, see?

It was so windy in Rexburg that day! We got blown away!

We tried to do serious faces. Megan looks flirty/serious, I look disappointed, and sweet Mama just looks sad!

Yes. We went there.

I love my mother's face in this picture.

Yep. Goofy.

My mother....oh, she is so sweet. I love these people.

...aaaand then the wind started to come in.

and I got blown away.

Hey family. You are great. Thanks for being mine forever. That makes me real happy.

Das Erdbeben in Chili

Or maybe, you know, just Chili. We can nix the Erdbeben part. And maybe add in some cornbread part. And some sweet husband part.

While we were eating, I noticed that I could see the reflection of his face on the pot lid.

He makes funny faces when he talks.

School is kinda nutso this semester (him: 18 credits, 19 hours of work, me: 16 credits, 14 hours of work), but being with him really does make it better.

Thanks, sweet Jesse. You're great.

An ode to my bike

Dearest pink pacific wanderer,

I'd just like to say thank you for how awesome you are. I mean, I got you for free, and all we had to do was get new inner tubes for you, which was pretty sweet. But more than that, on Monday, I was going to be late for class, and you helped me get to class in 6 minutes instead of 18--those extra minutes gave me enough time to finish packing my lunch AND print off my homework. That was pretty great. Yeah, riding you home up the hill after a long day of work is not so awesome, but it is good for my legs and better than walking!

So thank you, pink bike, with the child's bike lock. Thanks for being awesome.


To show our happy guests that we were happy inside

My family brought Megan out to BYU-I, and on their way back home, mom, dad and aaron came and stayed at our lovely, if tiny, apartment for the night before they went to the airport the next day. We made lasagna and I helped Aaron with his Japanese homework. It was nicer than you can even comprehend.

Thanks, family.