Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's laughter that kept me sane

A post, in which I post every picture I've meant to blog about for the past month with brief explanations.

Ready Set GO!

Things I've made:

A creature in a tree
Abstract vines/rain droplets
Hair Comb
A shirt for Megan

Other things:

Magnets from the craft fair!
Jesse snagging a homemade roll before dinner
So sneaky!
Krispy Kreme had a cool promotion where you could bring in an ugly tie and get one free dozen glazed doughnuts!

Jesse found this ugly tie at DI.
And yes, it was bedazzled.

Jesse likes to pose with the doughnuts. Or just eat them.

We went to Utah lake! (Not pictured: the lake itself)
Idaho is pretty :)
I fell asleep in a mountain of warm laundry, and Jesse took a picture of me.
Monica was in a Feis (Irish Dancing Competition) and we went to see her!

There was this cool little girl, who looked like she was flying in every single picture.
The little girl in pink was my favorite. She was a funny, cheeky little girl and a great dancer!
And Monica! Look at her flying!

Last but not least, I love my husband.

He's great :)