Friday, April 30, 2010

Winter, Spring, Summer? Apparently Utah doesn't know either.

Well hey there folks! Not many words today, but lots of pictures. Here's an update:

driving to Logan to see the siblings
my new card making kick: second trial
(this one is for our lovely friends Jacob and Lydia who got married TODAY!!! Hooray!!)
game playing + sweetheart
(not pictured: games with Landon and Kylie)
lots of cookie making. lots and lots of cookie making (not so good for our waistlines. running starting on monday) latest hobby! Postcard-ish things. Post-modern/collage/mixed media art-ish stuff. This is what happens when I have two hallway closet drawers full of old wedding cards, buttons, embroidery floss, glitter glue, origami paper, hot glue, and glue sticks, and when kind Kylie lends us several seasons of Gilmore Girls.

Well folks, there'll be more, probably later rather than sooner, but I'll try.

peace, love, not going to classes is nice,

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New York new hair


Long, time, no write!

Sweet Jesse was gone last week to New York with Model U.N. While he was gone, I made this:

Simple cake stand! Just a plate and a candlestick and hot glue. WHOO HOO!!
And this! Lotsa crosstitch, bad picture.
While stitching this, I also watched two and one half seasons of Gilmore Girls. Whoo!

And in other news, we got a new table!
My visiting teacher and her family are moving and therefore were selling their table, so we bought it! No more rented cheap table! Whoo!

And now.....the biggest news of all......*drumrolllllll*

I chopped off all my hair!
I donated it to locks of love, whose minimum requirement is 10 inches...hence why it is so short! But now I know I look cute with short hair! (Jesse got a haircut too)

And then there's these:
The hairbands that are always on my wrist for when I go to work or eat or do anything which requires a ponytail. I found them on my wrist yesterday afternoon after a full day of short, pony-tail-impossible hair. It was weird.

That is all!

peace, love, short hair,