Sunday, January 24, 2010

And it's the time we waste, swallowed into space

Lately life has been wake up, classes, yoga, nap, class, work, eat, sleep and repeat. Not that that's not awesome but....the business does wear on me. But life will never ever get less busy. Life is busy. I wonder why that is? Any-whays (there is an h in there because the w was aspirated when I said it. Can you tell I'm taking a phonetics class?).

Work is good though. Work is my escape, of sorts. I feel really comfortable there. I've been there for almost 2 years now, I know how to do mostly everything and it makes me feel really confident and comfortable there. I think everyone needs something that they feel like they're good at. I don't think it matters what. I just think everyone needs something.

Anyways, here is some photographic evidence that work is awesome.

We make smoothies, wash dishes, clean, all that jazz, but every now and then we're taking ice out of a display and voila! There is suddenly a lot of melty ice shavings in the sink. And whoever is washing dishes must melt all the ice, and then suddenly there ice a snowman body formed, and then he has arms and eyes and a nose and hair.....yep! Tis brilliant, I know. (My favorite part is the hair). It's a fun place to work.

In other news, Jesse and I saw Fantastic Mr. Fox at the dollar theater last night! Wunderbar! The whole thing is claymation which was SO AWESOME and the voice actors were great. The plot was also fantastic and the script was witty and clever, all at the same time. If you can, GO SEE IT! If you can't, Jesse and I are going to try to buy it on the cheap in a few months, so maybe we'll have a partay and watch it then.

We just finished watching the sound of music. I had forgotten how much I love that movie! I grew up watching it all the time, dancing around the livingroom and singing along to the songs with my sister. What happy memories! Mayhaps I will write more about this movie later, for I really want to write about it....yep.

The end!

peace, love, movies,

Monday, January 18, 2010

But come out and see the fields of geese wind 'round our knees

These are bits of our home that make me joyful!

peace, love, married,

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I’ll make my own way in the wide world, just know I don’t want to wander too far

In the last few minutes of my advanced writing class the other day, my professor told us to write extemporaneously on the topic "Who am I?" This is what I came up with (typed up in pretty colors and fonts on Paint, of course). Click it to see it bigger!

peace, love, learning more,

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I want nothing from you but to sweetly hold your hand...

A post! Finally, a post! Hallelujah!

Lots of pictures, very few words.

There we are, in all our wedding day glory! And some family pictures!!!

Sweet Mama! Kind Albert!
Daddy and my siblings!
(p.s. Megan was our wedding photographer, so all of these photos are hers. Great job, and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Megan!!!!)

The End!
The Beginning!

peace, love, marriage is amazing,