Saturday, December 5, 2009

And my choice could not be rattled


Jesse and I get married in THREE WEEKS!!!! Can you believe it?! We've been counting down and counting down, and now the count down is spinning faster and faster!!!

For weeks, I've gone to school and to work, with the number of days left echoing in my busy brain. "Fifty-four fifty-four fifty-four fifty-four fifty-four," it said, as I walked up the hill to campus. Not much later, it seemed, came "Forty-two forty-two forty-two forty-two," over and over as I scooped fruit into a blender full of juice. "Thirty-eight thirty-eight THIRTY-EIGHT!" was my battle cry in the testing center as I struggled not to fail a test I hadn't reviewed enough for (having been trying to order invitations instead!). And now, it is coming down to weeks.

Let's break it down a little bit more:

21 days
5 finals
4 days of school
3 more weeks
2 more saturdays
2 plane flights/transfers home
1 major family holiday!

und dann werden wir verheiratet!!

and then we'll be married!

we are excited. (that might be a gross understatement) Also, we realized it is 5 weeks until we have our own apartment, and only 4 weeks until our first new years eve together as a married couple!


ok that's all :)

peace, love, marriage,