Friday, October 23, 2009

But only you can stretch a smile across my face

Jesse and I are engaged!!!! We've been planning it for a while and on Saturday, Jesse surprised me and proposed!!!

The story [long, rambly version. You have been warned]:

Well, at first we went to do the library to do hw and be productive and such. It felt way good to actually get hw done! That doesn't always happen...but that's important cause it made us feel all good and happy to be productive. And before that, Jesse said that later that day we should go on a hike before all the fall leaves fell off, and that I should also teach him to swing dance! And I knew that he had bought tickets the day before for a movie, although he didn't tell me what movie. So I knew we had a nice day planned, but I didn't know just how nice!!!

So after hw we packed a picnic lunch and went hiking up in the canyon! It was kind of chilly cause we had neglected to notice that it would be chillier up there that time of day and hadn't brought we just walked quickly to stay warm :) A good ways along the trail, we stopped and sat in a field where we ate pb and raspberry jelly sandwiches, ham and cheese sandwiches, and, SURPRISE! Sparking pear cider, out of the only thing we had handy: a plastic cup with pink and yellow flowers on it. My favorite :)

The leaves were such pretty colors and shapes against the dark earth!

Pretty trees!
My sweet Jesse makes such goofy faces a) when he's being awkward about being photographed and b) when he is PLOTTING THINGS!!!!!

Sneaky bugger :)

Anywho, that was pretty much the awesomest :) And we listened to Sherwood's album "A different light" all the way there and back and it was PERFECT!!! We had just enough time after that to change and go to the movie theater to see Where the Wild Things are (german makes me want to capitalize only nouns in titles....) which was very good, but more dark and frightening that I would have expected. But very interesting!

Afterwards, we got sub zero icecream. Mine was pumpkin! Mmmmmm :)

Then dancing! Jesse was all "well I don't want to go home yet, lets go to the campus and see if we cant find somewhere to practice there." hmmmm? So we did. Jesse is funny when he's learning something new that takes him out of his comfort zone....but he was picking it up!!! :)

Then he said we should go home, but to my apartment first, cause Andy wasn't home yet, and he wanted to wait till Andy got home to go to their apt and watch some Dr. Who or something. I thought that was a bit odd, and I was starting to get a little suspicious cause of a text about roses I had seen Jesse send Andy, and from a comment from Jesse about his dad having come down for something. But according to Jesse, the ring wasn't going to come in for two more weeks (I had asked cause I wanted to know if it was going to come in cause I'm totally a worry wart. I ruin all of his surprises!).

So we went to my apartment. Through the window, I saw red roses. I wondered if they were for me, but Jesse had gotten me a rose the day before so I figured they were for Lauren, who was there too. So I didn't get too excited yet, but I was getting kind of nervous. We went inside, and there, on the table next to the roses, was a little white ring box. Oh man, was I nervous then!


Jesse: What's that on the table there?

Me: I dunno.

Jesse: Maybe you should pick it up.

Me: How about you pick it up?

Jesse: What if it bites?

So I walked forward and picked it up. And opened it. And it was empty!!!

So I turned around, confused, and there was Jesse, on one knee, next to the refrigerator with a ring in his hand.


The end! Or, the beginning. You know :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

They made a statue of us

I bought a dress yesterday! A really really pretty one. I don't think I'll get to wear it much, cause it's kind of fancy, but I'll definitely love the few times I get to wear it! I should post some pictures, but that might have to wait a bit. Til like December. Maybe 75 days. Or something like that.

Peace, love, the one dress to rule them all,